Weekend Reads: Anticipating success, encrypting your life, and fighting harassment

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Colin Lalley

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Colin Lalley is the Associate Director of SEO Content at Policygenius in New York City. His writing on insurance and personal finance has appeared on Betterment, Inc, Credit Sesame, and the Council for Disability Awareness.

Published November 18, 2016|2 min read

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In this week's Weekend Reads: Can a bottle of champagne help us create a better future for ourselves? Will Twitter's new anti-harassment tools make for a better user experience? And how easy is it to lock your digital life up tight? Let's find out!

The BillfoldAlways Keep a Bottle of Champagne in the Fridge

We always seem to prepare for the worst. That's not necessarily a bad thing: we're huge advocates for emergency funds and insurance itself is sort of a "but what if..." product. Still, what if we anticipated something good happening? What if we had that bottle of champagne in the fridge, just in case? Meg at The Billfold makes a case for why we should; even if her road to celebration had some bumps in it, it gave her a new perspective - and something to celebrate. So why not treat yo self over the next few days? Maybe you'll do something to earn it in the future.

MotherboardTwitter’s New Anti-Harassment Tools Are Good, But Still Not Enough

Social media has been in a bit of a bind recently, what with the fake news stories and no one wanting to buy Twitter. Oh, and the constant abuse and harassment that some people face. But Twitter has recently rolled out some new tools for users to block harassment. It's not perfect, but it's a start for a platform that, as Brianna Wu points out, has always been held to a stricter standard than other platforms. As if Reddit isn't the occasional cesspool, right? It's too early to tell if this will lower abuse on Twitter (nevermind if it'll raise its number of daily active users and selling price) but time will tell. And we're bound to see less harassment now that the election is over. Or maybe not. Oh well. We'll always have Snapchat's Spectacles.

Free Code CampHow to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour

Are you worried about the President-elect? Or Russia? Or any number of non-state players who are always trying to hack into your computer, your phone, or your fridge? Don't worry: you can start encrypting your entire life in just eight easy steps! Some of it's as easy as using two-factor authentication and a password manager (seriously, if you aren't at least doing that, stop reading and set it up) and some of it requires bigger changes, like switching your browser and search engine to something more secure. In the long run, though, it's worth it if you value your private data staying private.That's all folks! You have your assignments for the weekend - anticipate something good happening, be nice on Twitter, and encrypt your devices - so let us know how it goes!