Weekend reads: Bad resume advice, road trips, and some "Bad Blood" on Twitter


Adam Cecil

Adam Cecil

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Published July 24, 2015|3 min read

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Need something to read this weekend? We've got a full plate for you. First up, learn how to write a resume that will actually get you hired. Then read J. Money's post on mansions versus mobile homes. After that, check out some great budgeting advice, including a savings and investing experiment, and an excellent post about stocking up on groceries. At the end, catch up on pop culture as Grantland helps us explain the whole Nicki Minaj v. Taylor Swift Twitter feud.

MONEY UNDER 30Bad Resume Advice To Avoid

Writing a resume is hard. It's pretty much established that you can't really write a good resume – the best you can hope for is that you don't write an absolutely horrible one that makes every recruiter instantly throw it away. This week, Money Under 30 has a few pieces of advice that will help you avoid that terrible fate.

BUDGETS ARE SEXYMansions & Mobile Homes

What does your dream home look like? J. Money ponders that question, but the answer has little to do with the actual home – instead, it has everything to do with money, freedom, and options. One big oversight? J. Money apparently hasn't heard of the Tiny House craze.

DOUGHROLLERHow To Apply 'Getting Things Done' To Your Finances

Like Rob, I've tried a few "Getting Things Done" tools, including Omnifocus and Scrivener (sidenote: Scrivener should NOT be used for anything except planning your next novel). If you're a productivity nut, you'll love his description of how he's applied the GTD approach to his finances. (He also suggests that you try out the app You Need A Budget, which we reviewed earlier this year.)

YOU NEED A BUDGETBudgeting Lessons From Your Summer Road Trip

Speaking of You Need A Budget, check out their founder in this video explaining how to budget using the road trip as an epic analogy. The video also contains some Taylor Swift lyrics, which ties in pretty well with the Twitter feud that confused a lot of adults this week. More on that later.

THE DOLLAR STRETCHERKnowing When and How to Stockpile Groceries

Nothing gets me more excited than a five-for-four deal on pasta. Okay, well, a lot of things get me more excited than that. But any deal that helps me get groceries I know I'll use at lower prices than usual does make my heart sing a bit.

THE PENNY HOARDERThe Best Cities for Jobs: How to Decide If They’re Right for You

Apparently, I've made a huge mistake by working and living in New York City.

BIBLE MONEY MATTERSMy Digit And WiseBanyan Experiment Update: Automated Saving & Investing Trial

I'll be honest: I'm not a big fan of any savings or investment tool that takes money out of your account without you realizing it. An automatic debit that you set up is one thing, but Digit is another thing entirely. On the other hand, I also realize that most people have trouble saving, and any tool that can help them can be a life changer. In this experiment, Peter ended up saving over $200 every month. Considering that most Americans don't even have $400 put aside for an emergency, I'd consider this experiment a huge success.

GRANTLANDKnow Your Twitter Beefs: Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift and Drake and Meek Mill Go Tweet-to-Tweet Over the VMA Nominations

Moving away from personal finance topics: you might have heard of the Twitter fight that happened this week (because our TV news anchors have mostly been reduced to reporting things that happened on Twitter) between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. The saddest thing about the whole feud? An important issue – institutional racism – got completely lost in the reporting thanks to Taylor Swift (and, to a lesser extent, Meek Mill popping in with gossip about Drake's possible ghostwriter).