Weekend Reads: #Millennials, retirement, healthcare, and The Fat Jew


Adam Cecil

Adam Cecil

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Adam Cecil is a former staff writer for Policygenius, a digital insurance brokerage trying to make sense of insurance for consumers. He is a podcast producer, writer, and video maker based in Brooklyn, NY.

Published August 21, 2015|4 min read

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This weekend, we have an important thing you need to tell your kids: game-themed pizza tastes delicious. Also on the docket: are millennials entitled to houses, how much are you supposed to save for retirement, and did I waste four years going to art school? All that and more, right after this banner ad.

VoxThe Fat Jew's Instagram plagiarism scandal, explained

One of the most popular Instagram accounts in the world has been accused of plagiary. Actually, lots and lots of plagiary. Actually, his entire persona is built on plagiary. After years of friends sending me his posts or tagging me in the comments, I feel vindicated. I used to think, "Ok, I saw this on Reddit," or "This was making the rounds on Twitter weeks ago." The mainstream media caught up with this dude, but only after he was looking to profit enormously on his #brand. His planned Comedy Central pilot is already canceled; hopefully his Beats 1 radio show will be too (mostly because it's terrible). This serves as a lesson to all you kids: repost stupid memes all you want, but don't try to profit off it IRL.

Young Adult MoneyHappiness & the Investment Hierarchy

Whether it's your day-to-day budget or your long-term investments, financial plans are really just a series of questions that help you figure out what your priorities are. While we've talked about budgeting priorities before, Mark makes a good point about investing. An emergency fund, your kid's college fund, and your retirement fund are all important, but it's sometimes not possible to fully fund all three. Which one takes the hit? It's up to you to figure that out.

Cash Cow CoupleHow Much Money Do You Need To Save For Retirement?

Continuing our focus on long-term investments for a bit — check out this article by Cash Cow Couple. If you need help figuring out just how much you actually need to save for retirement, Mr. and Mrs. Cash Cow have run through a variety of scenarios to give you a better idea of what you can expect in your old age.

Tech Savvy MamaImportant Conversations to Have with Your Kids About Instagram

This is article is a good start for parents looking to discuss social media with their children, but it's missing some huge questions. 1) What's your #brand? Do you have an aesthetic? Leticia writes about the importance of staying safe by not posting revealing photos, but how are parents supposed to impress the importance of hashtags or the wisdom of posting your images on Wednesday at 5 p.m.? 2) Are you going to follow The Fat Jew? Because you shouldn't.

Mo' Money Mo' HousesI’m Not an Entitled Millennial Because I Can’t Afford to Buy a House in the City I Live in

Compare Jessica's rent vs buy story to the Mr. Money Mustache article we shared a few weeks ago. Both are making the argument that in Toronto, it makes a lot more sense to rent than to buy because the housing market is insane. But Jessica's story was plagued by commenters who claimed that her desire to own a home in the city that she lives in makes her an entitled millennial. I understand her frustration — while owning a home isn't a right, it is a dream of many, and attacking someone for having that dream (and responsibly putting it to the side) is illogical and baseless.

Money Girl7 ways to save on healthcare and fitness

Healthcare and health insurance are really complicated. They're also some of the most important things to understand and get right. Money Girl's savings tips are more than just tips — they're ways to understand exactly how health insurance is working for you (and against you) in your quest to stay healthy and fit.

ForbesWhy Art School Can Be A Smart Career Move

Apparently, I didn't make a huge mistake by getting a Bachelor's in the Fine Arts as opposed to just the regular arts. Too bad they don't list any specific data about writers — based on my anecdotal evidence, I'd say I'm in the minority of recent grads who are actually being paid to write full-time.

Someday I'll LearnTic Tac Toe Pizza for Kids' Lunches

If there is one fault in this recipe, it's that the author doesn't mention anything about how adults would enjoy this meal. Think about it: you're at the famous Tic Tac Toe restaurant. The chef delivers the first course. It's a pizza in the shape of a tic tac board. He offers you a piece of Canadian bacon. You put it in your carefully selected quadrant. He nods quietly, and as you eat the first pizza, he makes his move... and the next pizza.