Weekend Reads: Killer clowns, property damage, and budgeting bliss

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Published October 28, 2016|2 min read

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In this special edition of Halloweekend Reads: Why you probably shouldn't dress up as a clown this year, why you should buy insurance before you go trick or treating, and why money just might buy you happiness.

Ars TechnicaMississippi county bans clown costumes as Internet meme comes to life

Have you been keeping up with the trend of killer clowns that has taken the world -- or at least the internet -- by storm? Schools have been locked down, teens have been arrested for soliciting clowns to kill their parents, warrants have been issued in relation to terrorist threats...clowns are scary enough on their own, people. We don't need to make them actually dangerous. But now, with Halloween right around the corner, a county in Mississippi is banning clown costumes, masks, and makeup until November 1. Will this help curb the tide of coulrophobia, a word I just learned? Is it even legal to do so? The ACLU seems to think it's not. But clown mask sales are up 300% over last year, so we might see this put to the test.

MoneyWhy Property Crime Spikes on Halloween

Do you have homeowners insurance? If not, you might want to buy some before the weekend is over. Crime-related insurance claims apparently jump 24% on Halloween. Home burglaries? Up. Thefts away from home? Up. Property damage? Up. Turns out the real monsters on Halloween are the ones wearing ski masks. You can do some things to help protect yourself, though. Leave lights on when you're out trick or treating with the little ones, don't announce on social media when you'll be out, and, of course, make sure you have insurance coverage. Do these things and hopefully the only damage done will be to your teeth from all the candy you'll eat.

You Need A BudgetFinally! Scientific Proof: Budgeting Leads To Happiness

Wow, those stories were pretty spooky, weren't they? Let's end this Halloweekend Reads on a high note: money can buy happiness! Well, sort of. According to recent studies, having more money on hand brings more happiness than overall wealth does. That might seem like a distinction without a difference, but it's important to look at. It means that you don't have to have a mansion or a yacht to increase your happiness; just put a budget in place, pay off your debts, and watch your bank account -- and your bliss -- grow. That's something anyone can do.Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!