Weekend Reads: Holiday weight, encrypted messages, and LEGOs

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Published December 2, 2016|2 min read

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In this week's Weekend Reads: what's the best way to watch that weight gain this holiday season? Is it possible to make security features actually fun? And what life lessons can we learn from Legos?

MottoThe Annoying Truth About Holiday Weight Gain

Okay, Thanksgiving is in the bag and other holidays are right around the corner. That means a lot of great food to enjoy...and the pounds that come with it. Good news: you're probably not going to gain as much weight as you thought! Bad news: it's going to be really, really hard to lose the weight you do gain. Motto shares the reasons why, along with some tips for getting you through the holiday season. And if I can interject for a moment: weight gain and obesity, and the problems that come along with them (like increased risk of diabetes) can make life insurance more expensive. So save your waistline and your wallet this year, and you can knock the requisite "lose weight" off your New Year's Resolution list!

The RingerMake Encryption Cute

We're all about protecting yourself online. Have you read our guide on creating good passwords? Anyway, a few weeks ago I shared an article on encrypting your online life. Now, here's another angle on that: can you improve security by making it less boring? Signal, the encrypted messaging app, has a theory that people resist improved security because it's bland and uninteresting. Which could be true. I mean there's a reason, whether it's aesthetics or usability, why companies pay top dollar for good design. Signal is doing its best to make secured messaging just as fun as everything else for "normal" people, and starting with gif integration seems like 100% the place to start.

5 Things I Learned...5 Things I Learnt as a Designer at LEGO

Are Legos the greatest toy on the planet? Maybe it's up for debate, but a company that allows you to build anything with a bucket of blocks - already a great idea - that has stayed relevant in the digital world thanks to massive licensing deals, supporting their fan community, and leaning into said digital world with video games and movies, is definitely worth watching. Jonathan Bree shares some lessons he learned being a designer at Lego, but don't think that it just applies to the very specific interlocking toy brick market. Tips like "Don’t be afraid to dismantle to find a better way" can be useful in all walks of life. So improve your life and get hyped for The Lego Batman Movie this weekend (not necessarily in that order).