Weekend reads: Donald Trump, bio-fuel, and other farm waste byproducts

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This weekend, we want you to tell us why it's so hard to talk about money. Then we'll continue the conversation and talk about the things we feel it's okay to splurge on. After that, let's have a little fun. Want to figure out how much Donald Trump is really worth?

Society of GrownupsWhy We Don't Talk About Money

Talking about money is uncomfortable — but why? Dianna Sawyer has a few ideas, but we'd love to hear from you as well. Have an idea about why we don't talk about money with friends, family, lovers? Leave it in the comments below.

Frugal RulesWhen Is It Okay to Splurge?

Don't look at this article and assume it's giving you hard and fast rules for when it's okay to splurge and when it's not. Instead, like all things budget related, use it to start a conversation with yourself about what things you're okay with spending more money on. For me, it's technology: I'll scrimp and save on almost anything except the phone in my pocket that I rely on every day.

National JournalThe 1 Easy Way Donald Trump Could Have Been Even Richer: Doing Nothing

While we don't endorse (or de-endorse?) political candidates here at PolicyGenius, I couldn't not share this article extolling the value of not touching your money. Well, okay, you're not completely hands-off: you need to put that money into a mutual fund first. Then you need to get your hands away from your money and never look at it again until that fateful day decades later when you retire. Then, and only then, can you do something with your money.

Len PenzoHow Kids Can Eliminate Student Loan Debt BEFORE Starting College

As any parent or high schooler or current college student or recent graduate or politician knows, college is really, really expensive. So anything that students can do to cut down on costs or reduce student debt can really put them ahead of their peers later in life. Check out this list and see if any of Hannah's tips can work for you.

Fast CompanyYour Next United Flight May Be Powered By Farm Waste

The next time you cash in your rewards miles, you may be able to reduce your carbon footprint as well as your travel costs. United is one of many airlines working on introducing bio-fuels to their planes, which will help reduce carbon emissions caused by airplanes. If you're eco-conscious (both ecology and economic), a free plane ride fueled by bio-fuel is a win-win.

Image: Gage Skidmore