Weekend Reads: Building credit, back-to-school savings, and more #millennials


Adam Cecil

Adam Cecil

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Adam Cecil is a former staff writer for Policygenius, a digital insurance brokerage trying to make sense of insurance for consumers. He is a podcast producer, writer, and video maker based in Brooklyn, NY.

Published August 27, 2015|2 min read

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This weekend, we have a ton of articles for you about #millennials (tired of them yet?), including topics such as student loans, professional etiquette, and credit cards. Also on the docket: save money on school supplies and end tipping culture.

Student Loan HeroShould You Buy A House When You Have Student Loan Debt?

The answer, as it is with so many things, is: "It depends!" Student Loan Hero went over ten pros and cons to buying a home while you still have student loan debt. If you're in a position where you want to buy a house but you also have a ton of student loans, you need to read this post. We also suggest going back to last week's Weekend Reads to read another millennial's home buying tale. (Spoiler alert: she decided to keep renting for the time being.)

Planting Money SeedsBuilding Credit as an Authorized User

I never knew that you could build credit as an authorized user on a credit card, and while this article served as a good introduction to the concept, it left me wondering in a lot of places. I wanted to know more about how, exactly, FICO sees authorized users. I was also disappointed that the author didn't go into any detail about secured cards, which are another great option for those looking to build credit.

Saving Advice7 Inventive Ways to Save on Back to School Shopping

My favorite piece of advice on this list is to look over your house for leftover supplies from last year. Lots of supplies end up either going unused or underused, so making sure you use up everything from last year before you buy new stuff is great advice. Don't be afraid that those old supplies won't last through the year. You can take the money you saved on school supplies at the beginning of the year and use it throughout the school year to keep supplies fresh.

Society of GrownupsCareer Etiquette: Which Professional Rules Still Apply and Which Are Extinct

No one teaches "etiquette" anymore because this isn't the '50s, but knowing how to act in professional situations is still super important. It's all about controlling how you're seen, and you want people to see you as confident and self-assured. These simple rules will help you achieve that look.

PodcastMillennial Money with Shannah Compton Game

This isn't a read, it's a listen. If you're a #millennial looking for some short and sweet financial advice, look no further than Shannah Compton Game's Millennial Money podcast. We suggest taking a look through the archive and listening to podcasts that answer your burning questions. Can't find one that does? Subscribe and wait or bug her on Twitter!

The BillfoldCan We End Tipping Culture?

Well? Can we? I want to go into a restaurant and know, for a fact, that my waiter or waitress is not relying on tip money to survive. Because let's be real: some people are jerks and don't know how to tip.

Image: Ian Burt