Weekend Reads: More Chipotle for less and advice for young people


Adam Cecil

Adam Cecil

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Published August 14, 2015|3 min read

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This weekend, we've got a lot of advice for young people. Want to understand your 401(k)? Want to understand how to talk to your partner about money? Want to understand money, like, at all? We've got the articles for you. Plus, fast food burritos!

Good Financial Cents20 Financial Rules for Your 20s

If HBO's Girls is any indications, it's really easy to mess up your twenties – financially or otherwise. Jeff Rose over at Good Financial Cents has a list of twenty rules for your twenties (hmm, coincidence?) that will help you prevent complete financial ruin before you turn thirty. Already past your twenties? These financial rules still apply! While it might be too late for that decade, you can still prevent total financial apocalypse in this one. (Our favorite rule? "#10. Purchase Life Insurance." Ugh, we're so predictable!)

DINKS FinancePersonal Finance Tips for Young Couples

It's hard to figure out money, and if you're in your twenties, you're probably just figuring this stuff out for the first time. So what's a young couple to do when they want to build a life together? On the surface, it's simple: figure out money together. In practice, it's a lot more complicated than that. Luckily, there are plenty of resources for young couples out there, starting with DINKS' tips for young couples.

Our Freaking Budget401(k)s Made Easy

401(k)s are confusing, especially to young people just starting out in their careers. For #millennials, retirement is that thing looming on the horizon, way, way out there. Why think about 401(k)s now? Our Freaking Budget make a good case for why you should think about them and have a few tips on how you should make them a part of your financial plan.

Afford AnythingBehind-the-Scenes: How I Manage Real Estate from Around the Globe

I felt remarkably unproductive while reading this article. How is it that Paula can manage all of these properties from her phone while barely lifting a finger? And on vacation, of all things!? Paula breaks down her system over at Afford Anything, and if you have any interest in managing rental properties, you've got to read this article.

Young FinancesParents! Know This Before Borrowing Students Loans for Your Child

It's August, which means kids and their parents are getting ready for college. That also means they're getting ready to get into a lot of debt. Student loans: they're the scourge of #millennials everywhere. If you're a parent looking to send your kid off to college, read this quick guide to student loans before you sign any major documents!

Cash Cow CoupleHow to Start a Successful Blog and Make Money

Anyone can start a blog. Almost anyone can get lucky and have a post go viral. But what does it take to build a successful blog that's also a sustainable source of income? Cash Cow Couple have done just that, and they're willing to share their secret with you. Always had a thing or two you wanted to say about personal finance? Follow their tips and you might be in our Weekend Reads very soon!

Apartment List6 Tricks to Get 86% More Chipotle Burrito (for free!)

There's only one thing this guy loves more than data: Chipotle. If you live anywhere near a Chipotle, you've probably been seduced by their fast food. It tastes so good and it happens so quickly and ugh, isn't it just amazing? Anyway, this dude loves Chipotle, but he's also not opposed to tricking Chipotle workers into giving him more fillings for free. And we love him for it! I know I'll be trying a few of these tricks tonight, though if I really wanted to stick it to Chipotle I could just visit an independent burrito joint.Image: Brandon