Veterinarian advice: Q&A with Dr. Debra Primovic


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Adam Cecil

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Published July 30, 2014|2 min read

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Above, Dr. Debra Primovic.

Dr. Debra Primovic is a veterinarian at Granville Veterinary Clinic in Granville, Ohio, and the managing editor of since 1999. We talked to her about her role at, pet insurance, and veterinarian advice for new pet parents.

How and online pet health resources help save lives

The goal of is education for pet parents. Before the Internet, Dr. Primovic told us, pet parents would come in to the vet’s office either much too late or having already done the wrong thing to help treat their pet. Today, pet parents are much more knowledgeable about their animals’ symptoms and treatment, thanks to good online content about pet health. Today’s pet parents can even diagnose their animal at home, or at least check to see if their animal’s symptoms are worth a trip to the vet. Online resources have even led to timely lifesaving care. Dr. Primovic told us one story about a pet parent who rushed their dog to her office after reading an article on bloat, a serious disease caused by the twisting of the stomach, and realized that her dog was exhibiting symptoms of the disease. She thinks that online pet health resources will continue to save pet lives.

Why pet insurance is important

Dr. Primovic is a strong advocate for pet insurance. "The quality of health care for animals has surpassed the ability of the average pet owner to pay," Dr. Primovic said. Much like human health care, animal health care now has amazing diagnostics, research, and care available - for a price. According to Dr. Primovic, pet insurance can help cover some of that cost and help pet owners take advantage of the best animal health care available. Dr. Primovic stressed that pet insurance doesn’t just help in an emergency - it can be helpful for quality of life as well. "Allergies in dogs are increasingly common," she told us, and because of cost, many pet parents are limited to treating the symptoms of the allergy with medication. With pet insurance, pet parents can afford to do diagnostics on their dog to help stop the allergy at the source, saving money in the long run and increasing their dog’s quality of life.

Advice for new pet parents

When asked what new pet parents should be doing for their animals, Dr. Primovic stressed the importance of wellness, such as vaccines and regular check-ups, which can help prevent or catch problems before they get too severe (and expensive). Another underrated and important preventative measure? "Training," Dr. Primovic told us. "Just understanding ‘stay’ can stop your dog from running into traffic and getting into an unfortunate accident."