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Kaleigh Steinorth

Kaleigh Steinorth

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Published October 8, 2014|1 min read

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Managing your own money is hard enough as it is, but add kids to the mix and things get an added layer of of complexity. Figuring out how to afford everyday expenses, while also paying down debt, planning an investment strategy and saving for college, can be a daunting undertaking.

Luckily, there are many women who have come before you — and have written about it to show you the way.

These blogs are written by women who are moms and cover the whole gamut of financial planning with a family. We've included blogs written by financial experts and sites focused on creating a community for moms to learn from each other. Whatever you're looking for — from community, to financial advice to just the reassurance that you're not alone, you'll find what you're looking for here:

Living Well Spending Less

  • On this site, the author shares stories from her family's journey to financial freedom and hosts challenges for her readers.

  • Best for: The mom who is looking more for frugal household tips rather than a hardcore financial overhaul.

Family Balance Sheet

  • Family Balance Sheet offers financial advice about budgeting and debt reduction as well as recipes, frugal living tips and a downloadable Family Balance Sheet template, and community challenges, like saving for a "cash Christmas."

  • Best for: Moms looking for a budgeting tool they can download and use.

Penny Pinchin' Mom

  • This blog has an extensive coupon database, along with money saving tips and recipes.

  • Best for: The mom who is interested in using coupons but doesn't know where to start.

Wealthy Single Mommy

  • Browse this site for blogger Emma Johnson's take on parenting, money and business and relationship tips for single mothers.

  • Best for: A single mom looking for financial guidance and relatable wisdom.

Money Saving Mom

  • This blog has family finance tips, grocery store deals and coupons, recipes, home and family tips and blogging and business advice.

  • Best for: Moms looking for coupons. It has them separated by grocery store and an index of recipes.

Frugal Babe

  • Frugal Babe offers detailed finance advice and frugal living tips.

  • Best for: A mom looking for frugal home lifestyle advice and DIY tips. Some examples of these posts by Frugal Babe are her homemade sunscreen, thrifted clothes and how she cut her own hair.

The Centsible Life

  • This site has DIY tips, money management ideas, free printables and recipes.

  • Best for: A mom looking for something she can use right now. The year-long meal prep menu plan and grocery list are awesome tools.

Fiscally Chic

  • At this site, an accountant offers her personal finance tips, DIY tricks and budget-friendly recipes. * The author has largely stopped posting, but the archives are full of great advice.

  • Best for: Moms looking for personal finance advice from an expert.

My Shiny Nickels

  • This site offers a personal story of the journey to controlling one's family finances, along with low-cost recipes and other ways to save money. * The author has largely stopped posting, but the archives are full of great advice.

  • Best for: Moms looking for extensive personal finance information, including advice on debt elimination, budgeting and investing.

The Happy Housewife

  • This blog focuses on frugal living, cooking and homeschooling tips.

  • Best for: Stay-at-home moms looking for ways to become more frugal homemakers.

Daily Worth

  • This blog offers financial advice across the spectrum. Look here if you're planning a thorough financial overhaul.

  • Best for: Working moms who are looking for the most effective ways to manage their incomes.

The Family CEO

  • This blog offers detailed family finance advice for making extra money, paying off debt, saving for college and saving and investing. * The author has largely stopped posting, but the archives are full of great advice.

  • Best for: A mom who is serious about taking charge of her family's financial planning.

Mom and Dad Money

  • Look here for posts on family financial freedom and guides for un-budgeting, investing and life insurance.

  • Best for: New parents who need practical financial advice.