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Kristin Wong is a longtime personal finance writer whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Lifehacker, Forbes and a bunch of other places. Her new book, "Get Money," aims to help you get more money without too much stress. But there are already like, a million personal finance books. So we asked Wong why we should buy her book. It's the start of what is (maybe) a new series at Policygenius Magazine: Sell Us Your Book.

Wait, is this book named after that Junior Mafia song?


"I love Biggie, but it's not really why I named the book that," Wong said. "It was a happy coincidence."

What makes this book different from other personal finance books?

"You have to find a voice, and hopefully my voice resonates with certain readers," Wong said.

"Get Money" relies on a concept called "gamification." Everyone likes games, right? Why not make boring stuff like managing your money into a game?

Wong applies this idea to personal finance. You have to set goals and face challenges, and if you win, you get to "level up" to tougher financial tasks. In the book, "Level One" is defining your money goals. Once you master that, you can move on to more complicated money moves like budgeting or picking a bank.

The book is also interactive. Not only does it include space for you to write, but there are also online video tutorials and exercises on the Get Money website.

"I think you can totally read it on the train, but I do want it to be interactive," Wong said. "I want people to bend the book, fold the book, write in the book."

Why should we listen to Kristin Wong?

The book contains prescriptive financial advice, but Wong hopes her voice resonates with readers too.

"I inject some humor into it," she said. "If you like your personal finance advice a little laid back, a little humorous, I would say I'm the personal finance writer for you."

This book costs $16.99? Why should I spend my money on it?

$16.99 can buy you a pair of premium goatskin leather driver gloves on eBay. Why should people give that up to buy this book?

"I think $17 is a small price to pay to learn how money works," Wong said.

Aside from learning how to save, the latter levels can help you earn extra cash too.

"Hopefully it makes you money in the long run," Wong said.

"Get Money: Live the Life You Want, Not Just the Life You Can Afford" is published by Hachette Books and available everywhere.

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