See Debt Run: Family budgeting made easy [REVIEW]


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Published January 28, 2016|3 min read

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We’re reviewing the most popular personal finance blogs on the web to figure out what they do best, and who we think will get the most out of them. If you don’t already have a favorite personal finance blog, we’ll help you find one!

See Debt Run since: 2012See Debt Run is the perfect place to start budgeting for your family right away.

  • One of the hardest things about writing a personal finance blog is figuring out who your audience is. Some principles are broad enough to cover most, if not all, people, but money guidelines for a young single person are going to be different than they are for a family of five.Jefferson and Michelle of See Debt Run have figured out who they are and who they’re trying to help. They found themselves in debt, took action to get out, and now they "share and promote stories related to healthy family finance."

Who will get the most out of See Debt Run?

People who will benefit the most from See Debt Run are families who want to start making changes to their budgets right away. See Debt Run is great about showing readers how to hit the ground running (note: that’s not the only running pun in this post) . After all, one of the first things you see on the site is the "Start Here" section, and one of the main features is their Paying Off Debt guide. See Debt Run does have some broad overview topics, but a lot of what you’ll find there are specific ideas with steps to get families saving right away.

Popular posts from See Debt Run

Is there a sense of community? How engaged is the blogger?

There’s a pretty big community around See Debt Run, and Jefferson and Michelle stay pretty involved, answering questions and having conversations with commenters. One of the great things is the number of other personal finance bloggers who contribute to See Debt Run’s community. There’s a big list in the Friends of SDR section of the blog, but they’re also in the comments section.For example, check out the comments in the Paying Off Debt guide. It’s basically a who’s who of personal finance bloggers giving their feedback. When you have other experts participating and vouching for your advice, it shows that you really know your stuff.

Does it offer any tools?

See Debt Run doesn’t have any tools available on their site, but that’s not really their angle. They’re more focused on everyday steps you can take in your life to control your money. Would calculators be helpful? Maybe, but they would distract from the practical advice that makes See Debt Run valuable, like throwing children’s parties without breaking the bank and a guide to LEGOs (so you don’t end up buying a $400 kit!).

Its unique strengths

See Debt Run offers a lot of "real life" advice that you might not immediately associate with personal finance blogs. Sure, there are great tips on budgeting and extra streams of income, but then take the post "Ain’t Too Proud To Use A Big Bird Spoon." How often do you consider your silverware collection to be a microcosm of your overall financial lifestyle? Or when was the last time you factored the cost of party planning into your budget? Or what the real cost is (beyond money) of a vasectomy? You’ll find a wide variety of topics that you can work into your budgeting goals that really open you up to the different ways you can take charge of your money.

What we’d like to see more of

One of the most helpful parts of See Debt Run is their guide to paying off debt. That’s why we’d love to see them run (ha!) with that idea. It’s great to have a blog full of helpful posts, but there’s something about one giant resource – a "definitive guide," to use See Debt Run’s own words – that comes off as incredibly authoritative. Could you imagine a site full of multi-thousand word guides covering every personal finance topic? That would be a dream for some people. A very practical, very specific dream, but a dream nonetheless.Or, if they want to take it a step further, See Debt Run could offer their guide in different formats. Blog posts are great (we’re huge fans, obviously) but for a longform piece like guides, the option of PDF or eBook downloads could be useful to some readers.Basically, the Paying Off Debt guide is great, and we’d love to see an expansion of that, however it might come.Want to know more about See Debt Run? See for yourself at