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Published January 5, 2016|5 min read

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We’re reviewing the most popular personal finance blogs on the web to figure out what they do best, and who we think will get the most out of them. If you don’t already have a favorite personal finance blog, we’ll help you find one!

His and Her Moneywww.hisandhermoney.comOnline since: 2014Talaat and Tai of His and Her Money use their blog, podcast, and videos to take on finances, family, and faith.

  • Sometimes financial advice feels less like advice and more like a complex series of equations that require a full time job. Sure, we all know that insurance and IRAs and 401(k)s are really important, but what about if you’re just trying to save on your grocery bill? And on top of the money challenges you face regularly, you’ve got a spouse, kids, and more on your mind.What if there was a blog where you could get all of that advice in one place?Enter His and Her Money. As you can tell by the tagline – "Managing Money, Marriage, and Everything In Between" – the blog is as much a life advice site as anything. Finances are right up there with family, and it’s all simple enough to work into your everyday life.

Who will get the most out of His and Her Money?

His and Her Money gives straightforward financial advice, so it’s great for people who want to take control of their money through the little things they can do every day like budgeting, saving, and cutting costs.You won’t find a lot of posts that get too in the weeds about, for example, stocks and investment tools. Instead, you’ll learn how to take on side jobs, mortgage-paying tricks, and why becoming a mystery shopper can pay off.But the topics cover more than just finance. You’ll also find a lot about life. His and Her Money is obviously coming from a married couple’s point of view, and they don’t shy away from that perspective. They also aren’t afraid to talk about their faith and how it influences their life choices, in a way that doesn’t exclude readers from all walks of life. It’s a refreshing distinction that separates Talaat and Tai from other bloggers; you won’t just find tips about money but also about making your marriage work and being a better parent – things that you might not think about when you think finances but which are all tied together.If you want a down-to-earth approach to money from a pair of relatable voices, His and Her Money should be added to your bookmarks.

Popular posts from His and Her Money

Is there a sense of community? How engaged is the blogger?

Nearly every post on His and Her Money has at least one comment by a reader. What’s even better, though, is that nearly every post has a response by Talaat or Tai. That goes a long way in keeping people coming back to the site; if you know whoever is doling out advice is there to answer questions and back up what they’re saying, it adds some validity to their tips.It also keeps alive the running theme of Talaat and Tai getting their personalities across. Between their podcasts and video series, a lot of the topics really feel like conversations, and when they’re having actual conversations in the comments of blog posts it makes visitors even more likely to poke around and find more to learn.

Does it offer any tools?

His and Her Money doesn’t offer any tools. It’s solely focused on information. But where it shines is the amount of ways it gives you that information.There are, of course, blog articles. There are also a lot of videos if you don’t feel like reading; sometimes they’re adaptations of blog posts, and sometimes they’re standalone. They’re great ways for Talaat and Tai to show their personalities and become more than another pair of faceless bloggers. They’re both a lot of fun.If you’re more into audio, the Debt Free Stories and His & Her Money Podcast are available (more on that in a bit). Or, if blog posts just aren’t long enough for you, you can always buy their book Money Talks.So while His and Her Money doesn’t offer their own tools, you’re be kept more than busy by all of the advice that they offer – and a lot of times they’ll link to valuable resources offered by other experts.

Its unique strengths

A lot of personal finance blogs lean as much on the personal as they do on the finance; bloggers tell the story of how they made money or got out of debt or were otherwise inspired to share their knowledge with the Internet. His and Her Money isn’t any different in that regard: a quick look at their About page tells their story as a couple, and you can find out about Talaat and Tai individually.But His and Her Money goes beyond that with its Debt Free Stories. These are episodes of The His & Her Money Show podcast and are essentially case studies and interviews with people who have done a great job of getting out of debt.The Debt Free Stories make the advice that you get from the His and Her Money blog that much more valuable. You’re able to see people putting tips and strategies into action and seeing real results. That makes all of the articles you read more concrete and more than just nebulous guidance that may have worked out for one person.They’re also inspiring! No one likes to go on tough journeys alone, so seeing someone else triumph is a great way to take on a challenge yourself. You also strengthens the community of the site: people share their stories, and other people comment on them with questions and encouragement

What we’d like to see more of

It would be great to see some posts come from from Talaat and Tai individually. Most of the blog posts are authored by "Talaat & Tai". It’s sort of hard to fault them for this since His and Her Money is positioned as a couple’s take on money, but considering the roots of their financial journey lie in their different approaches to money, it’s really interesting to read posts about, for instance, Talaat’s money habits in his "bachelor days".So much of His and Her Money’s charm comes from Talaat and Tai themselves, and seeing a little bit more of the individuals would not only be a nice change of pace from their regular content but a fun way to get to know them even better.Want to know more about His and Her Money? See for yourself at www.hisandhermoney.com.