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Published October 14, 2015|5 min read

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We’re reviewing the most popular personal finance blogs on the web to figure out what they do best, and who we think will get the most out of them. If you don’t already have a favorite personal finance blog, we’ll help you find one!

Good Financial Cents, Do your finances need a makeover? No matter where you are in life, Jeff Rose’s bootcamps at Good Financial Cents can transform your financial situation and put you back in control. This is, hands down, the most comprehensive and professional personal finance blog for new readers. Best for professional-level advice, comprehensive bootcamps, and retirement advice.

Good Financial Centswww.goodfinancialcents.comOnline since: 2008Good Financial Cents is a juggernaut in the personal finance blogosphere (do people still call it that?), but does it make "cents" for you?Jeff Rose started Good Financial Cents in 2008. A financial advisor since 2001, Jeff become a Certified Financial Planner practitioner in 2007 after serving in Iraq with his National Guard unit. His experience inspired Soldier of Finance, his 2013 best selling book, which was modeled off of the U.S. Army’s Soldier’s Handbook. Jeff has also started a podcast based on his blog.

Who will get the most out of Good Financial Cents?

Are you confused by your finances? Does looking at your 401(k) make you feel stupid? Are you afraid of making the wrong financial decision?In a way, Good Financial Cents is for everyone, but most importantly, it’s for people who are starting from scratch. Depending on where you are in life – just out of college, starting a family, near retirement, etc. – Jeff Rose has a bootcamp for you.I use the word bootcamp because of Rose’s military background, of course, but don’t expect Rose to call you "Private." Rose doesn’t mince words – he’s a straight talker – but he’s not unnecessarily harsh.At the end of the day, the person who will get the most out of Good Financial Cents is someone who has little to no knowledge of finances and wants to kick their financial life into gear.But Good Financial Cents is also for people who prefer a professional voice. As we mentioned above, Jeff Rose is a Certified Financial Planner, which means that reading his blog is a lot like visiting a financial planner and getting advice for free. Other personal finance bloggers are usually self-starters and self-taught, which, while impressive, is not appealing to all readers.

Popular posts from Good Financial Cents

Is there a sense of community? How engaged is the blogger?

There’s definitely a strong community of readers that leave their own pieces of advice and personal stories in the comments below each article. More importantly, however, Jeff Rose is a very engaged blogger. In fact, you can email or send a voice message with a financial question to Jeff and his team and get an answer back within 24 hours. That’s pretty amazing.Of course, one reason Jeff is so involved is that he uses the blog to get clients for his wealth management firm, but he’s very upfront and transparent about that. Plus, you can get a lot of great advice and resources without ever paying a penny.

Does it offer any tools?

Jeff put together a lot of toolkits that are full of unique content, but don’t come to Good Financial Cents expecting anything like Dave Ramsey’s EveryDollar budgeting tool.However, when it comes to offering easy toolkits full of starter articles and advice, Good Financial Cents is second to none. From the home page, you can pick one of 5 major life stages and jump directly to the resources that you'll find most helpful.For example, in "Just Out of College" Jeff breaks down this stage of your life into the big financial moves you need to make. "Deal with Your Student Loans" is the title of one section; another is titled "Set Yourself Up for Life By Saving for Retirement Now." In each of these sections, Jeff explains in just a few paragraphs why these moves are so important. He also links to further resources, i.e. articles he’s written that further explain his views and how you actually do any of these things.Overall, these toolkits are easy to browse, so you can pick out the resources you need.

In addition to these toolkits, Jeff also put together a page for his Money Uprising Movement that’s a great place to start if you’re not sure what you need to get done.If you prefer getting your financial advice in audio form, Jeff also hosts a podcast. The entire archive, with transcripts, is available online.

Its unique strengths

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another blog that so comprehensively covers your financial life. Starting at your first day after graduating college and ending in your retirement, Jeff Rose covers just about everything. While other personal finance blogs sometimes act like they’re the end all be all of personal finance advice, Jeff Rose walks the walk as well as talking the talk.Part of this is because Jeff is a Certified Financial Planner. While other bloggers are self-taught, Jeff has both an education in financial planning and experience discussing finances with individuals and families.When you add it all up, Good Financial Cents is the ideal personal finance blog for someone who needs to kickstart their finances and wants to feel like they’re getting a more professional opinion. While these readers may eventually move on to other personal finance blogs written by self-starters, Good Financial Cents is a good gateway into this community.

What we'd like to see more of

While Jeff is definitely engaged with his readership, there’s no easy way for his readers to engage with each other. We’d love to see Jeff start a Good Financial Cents Forum for his readers to share their own tips and discuss Jeff’s articles. Jeff also brings up the feedback he gets from readers – heartfelt letters that describe their personal struggles with money and how Good Financial Cents has helped them. We wish there was a central location to read some of these inspiring stories.Want to know more about Good Financial Cents? See for yourself at

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