Cash Cow Couple: Show me the moo-lah [REVIEW]


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Published October 14, 2015|6 min read

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We're reviewing the most popular personal finance blogs on the web to figure out what they do best, and who we think will get the most out of them. If you don't already have a favorite personal finance blog, we'll help you find one!

Summary for Cash Cow Couple, The Cash Cow Couple Jacob and Vanessa got themselves out of debt and share their secrets to living simply and smartly on their blog. Whether you’re looking for money best practices, ways to make your life a little easier, or tools to get you on the road to saving, they deliver straightforward and down-to-earth advice that’s easy enough for any beginning budgeter to follow. Best for: beginning savers, life hacks, how-to guides, and product and service reviews .

Cash Cow Couplewww.cashcowcouple.comOnline since: 2013Jacob and Vanessa have their own story of financial success, and we see if the Cash Cow Couple can get you started down that same path.There are a lot of things we like to do when we’re in a relationship: travel, go to the movies, watch home renovation shows. Talking about personal finance goals and tips probably isn’t one of them, though. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a resource out there where a couple would be willing to take a look at the money issues we often put on the backburner?Enter the Cash Cow Couple. Jacob and Vanessa are up front about their successes – increasing their net worth, paying off their debts, and building a burgeoning online personal finance community, all through a money-smart lifestyle while living under the same roof.

Who will get the most out of Cash Cow Couple?

You’re probably looking for money tips; if you weren’t, why would you be reading a PolicyGenius review of a personal finance blog? Well, you’re in luck, because Cash Cow Couple has a wealth of knowledge about a variety of personal finance topics, from investing to budgeting to retirement.But maybe you’re also looking for life hacks? Might I suggest learning how to get more food at Chipotle? There are a ton of little tricks for getting the most out of life that are finance-adjacent and won’t make you feel like you’re getting a lecture from your accountant.There are also a lot of tutorials available. Start a blog, make money on Craigslist, check your credit score, and more with how-tos that walk you through different processes and topics.If you want to learn how to manage hedge funds, you’ll want to look elsewhere. If you want a good primer in getting your money and life in order, in a way that’s easy to understand, you should look over what Cash Cow Couple has to offer.

Popular posts from Cash Cow Couple

Is there a sense of community? How engaged is the blogger?

There’s a pretty big community around Cash Cow Couple. Even better, the couple has spread out to cover all of their bases. Want to comment on the blog? Nearly every post has a double-digit comment count, and some are even in the triple digits, so you’ll never be short of someone to have a conversation with. Jacob and Vanessa themselves are active in the comments, responding to a lot of readers and following up on points made in the articles.If commenting isn’t really your thing, you can also find Cash Cow Couple on social media – over 6,000 followers on Twitter and over 5,000 on Facebook – and their pages are updated regularly. Or you can sign up for their newsletter. They claim to have nearly 70,000 subscribers, which is impressive, so that’s always an option if you’d rather have content delivered directly to your inbox.

Does it offer any tools?

There aren’t any tools offered directly by Cash Cow Couple. However, there is a dedicated section for recommendations by the couple, broken down into different categories. The first is services, which should make putting the money tips you’ve learned from the blog into action a piece of cake. Services are given superlatives like "Best Investing Service for Beginners," "Best Savings Account," and "Best Cell Phone Service." There are snippets about the service, with links to full, detailed reviews if you want to learn more.Cash Cow Couple also recommends products. These branch out from the realm of finance, ranging from cooking supplies to electronics to health products.Finally, there are links to credit card reviews. If you’ve ever tried looking for a new credit card, you know that there’s a lot to consider, from fees to reward points to other perks. You’ll find resources to compare different credit cards and make the best choice for you based on the pros and cons.Sometimes it’s less about building the right tools and more about finding existing tools that will do the job, and in that regard Cash Cow Couple does a great job in aggregating resources that are already out there.

Its unique strengths

Cash Cow Couple is very straightforward and simple, but also brings with it personal experience, which adds authenticity, and authority; Jacob passed the CFP exam, so you know the couple isn’t just spouting things without knowing what they’re talking about. But the most unique thing about Cash Cow Couple is right there in the name: it’s from the point of view of a couple.Having two authors adds a lot to the blog. A lot of personal finance blogs are written by a single person. There’s nothing wrong with this, but by its nature that format is limiting because you’re getting a single voice. With both Jacob and Vanessa contributing, you’re getting more than one point of view.The fact that these authors are a couple makes it all that more interesting. People hate talking about money. A "almost half of couples don’t know how much their partner makes" kind of hate. You’d think that once you get all of that talk about "for better or worse, in sickness and in health" out of the way, "dollars and cents" would be pretty straightforward, but apparently not. That’s why it’s refreshing to see spouses talk so openly about money, strategies, and goals. It’s not something you probably see often in your personal life, and there are very few personal finance blogs who tackle the subject from that perspective.

What we'd like to see more of

There’s a lot of great content on Cash Cow Couple. What would make it even better is if there was an easier way to get to it more quickly. Blog posts are divided into categories – Service Reviews, Save Money, Travel, etc – but these only show up on the post previews. The top of the site has links to the About section and Recommended Resources, but the ability to see the different post categories there (or in the sidebar) would give both new and returning readers a better idea of what exactly is available to them and would allow them to more easily find the exact topic they’re looking for.Want to know more about Cash Cow Couple? See for yourself at