How to protect your Friendsgiving feast


Adam Cecil

Adam Cecil

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Adam Cecil is a former staff writer for Policygenius, a digital insurance brokerage trying to make sense of insurance for consumers. He is a podcast producer, writer, and video maker based in Brooklyn, NY.

Published November 26, 2014|2 min read

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In this post we help youReduce the risk of a Friendsgiving disaster

Friendsgiving. No, it’s not a Friends marathon on Thanksgiving - it’s a new take on an old holiday that sees millennials celebrating Thanksgiving with friends. It doesn’t always replace your family’s Thanksgiving, either. According to USA Today, Friendsgiving is a potluck dinner on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Friendsgiving allows people to eat only the food they like with only the people they like.Friendsgiving feast hosts should be prepared - with cups, plates, turkey, and plenty of chairs, but also with renters insurance. Renters insurance can cover a variety of claims, but most importantly, it will cover accidental injuries and property damage that may occur during the cooking process.

Imagine this: one of your best friends brings a new boyfriend, Ryan (or was it Brian?), and he offers to help in the kitchen. But while he’s grabbing the turkey out of oven, the pan slips out of his hand and falls on his foot, sending the turkey across the floor and leaving Ryan with a broken toe. Without renters insurance, you could be on the hook for Ryan’s medical bills, setting you back thousands of dollars right before the holidays. But renters insurance will cover a wide variety of medical bills that you’d otherwise be liable for, saving your wallet and your relationship with your best friend’s future husband.Cooking a major meal can lead to other accidents, too. Even if you’re the best cook in the world, small fires can flare up and quickly take over an entire apartment. Not only can fires destroy your property, but they can spread into your neighbor’s units as well. Luckily, renters insurance will cover negligent damage to a neighbor’s property. Unfortunately, it won’t cover any awkward encounters with your neighbors in the hallway.While we hope no accidents occur on Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving, we want everyone to be prepared in case of the worst. Renters insurance can help protect you in case of accidents. Renters insurance covers more claims as well: dog bites, theft while traveling, business merchandise - just to name a few! Find out more about renters insurance with our guide and if you’re ready to sign up for a policy, you can get a free quote from us as well.Photo: floodllama