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Myles Ma

Myles Ma

Senior Managing Editor

Myles Ma is a health care expert & personal finance writer for Policygenius. He edits the Easy Money newsletter.

Published February 7, 2019|1 min read

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Do you have questions about managing money with a partner?

We'll be answering them in our next edition of Money Slackers, a regular conversation among a few Policygenius staffers about money.

Last month we talked about our 2019 money resolutions. This month, in observance of Valentine's Day, we’ll chat about what happens when you add another person to personal finance.

So if you've ever wondered how couples grapple with budgeting, saving and spending — together or separately — send us your questions by Monday morning and we'll do our best to answer.

We'll even have an honest-to-goodness certified financial planner on hand to help us sort through the the toughest topics.

You can leave your query in the comments below, email me at, or hit us up @Policygenius on Twitter or Facebook.

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