Our favorite Whole Foods appetizers for your Super Bowl party


Anna F Gass

Anna F Gass

Blog author Anna F Gass

Published January 31, 2019|2 min read

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With the Super Bowl coming up, it’s time to start planning a killer menu. The key to a successful party is loads of appetizers. No one wants to sit at the table with a knife and fork while missing a critical pass or unbelievable tackle.

For amazing, easy appetizers, I head to Whole Foods. Here are six combos you can pick up, assemble and have ready for the game without breaking a sweat. Let’s leave that to the players. (Before heading to the store, check out this list of 50 easy ways to save on groceries.)

1. Upscale chips & dip

Instead of jarred salsa and ho-hum guacamole, Whole Foods makes some fantastic options. I love their fresh made pico de gallo and kale guacamole. The pico de gallo comes in mild or spicy and I love the addition of kale to the guac. Makes me feel healthy(ish). They also have a number of options for chips. Just pick your favorite.

2. Asian style

I love making a platter of something fun and different. Whole Foods makes delicious vegetable dumplings. Head to the freezer section to find them. Pop them in the oven, serve them with chili sauce and people will be dunking in no time. To add a wow factor, I also pick up some sushi.

3. Shrimp anyone?

Who doesn’t love a platter of shrimp cocktail? Not only does Whole Foods sell big bags of frozen jumbo shrimp you can poach in minutes, they also make a fantastic jarred cocktail sauce. This appetizer is on the table in less than 15 minutes and will be gone in less time than that.

4. Keep it healthy

With all the munchies, it’s nice to have a crudités platter to compensate for all those game day calories. I pick up a large bowl of pre-cut veggies, a red pepper hummus and assemble a pretty platter for dipping and crunching. It adds some color to your appetizer table and forces everyone to eat their veggies.

5. Go Greek

To add some salt and brine to my palate, I love a great mezze platter. First, I grab some of the Whole Foods frozen spanakopita from the freezer section. Then I head to their olive bar. You can find so many options for a gorgeous platter of olives, cured beans, mushrooms and feta salad. I also reach for cherry peppers and heirloom tomatoes to brighten up the plate. For a final touch, toast some pita bread for dipping.

6. Class it up

Everyone loves a hot hors d’oeuvre. Whole Foods has many options that simply require a 15-minute bake in the oven. I love the mini quiche and mini brie en croute. Not only are they delicious, they require little work and will be a smash hit.

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Images: Anna F. Gass