Neko Atsume, that Japanese cat game, is now in English


Adam Cecil

Adam Cecil

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Published November 3, 2015|2 min read

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Remember when I was playing that cat game entirely in Japanese? Luckily for me, they found out they had a huge American audience and decided to translate it into English. No need to download a new app – the English translation comes as an update to both the iOS and Android versions of Neko Atsume (or, as it’s now known in English, "Kitty Collector").The game is still the same: put food and toys in your backyard, close the game, and wait for cats to come. Please the cats and they will give you fish, which you can use to buy more food and toys. If you figured out how to play back when everything was in Japanese, the translation won’t exactly blow your mind.But if you’ve never played Neko Atsume before, you can now download it and get started right away, without having to read an English explainer.

Neko Atsume blew up last April, with articles written about it at Vice, RocketNews24, and, of course, here at our blog. While plenty of blogs have run stories about the new English translation, it’ll be interesting to see if it will gain any new fans, since part of the charm of Neko Atsume was figuring out how to play despite the language barrier, though you can still choose to play in Japanese, if you’d prefer.

Longtime players will enjoy the finer details revealed by translation. In the "Catbook," which is much closer to a rolodex for cats than a social network for cats (founded by Meowrk Zuckerburg?), you can see your cats’ personality type ("Insatiable"), their "power level," and how many times they’ve visited you. Plus, you can see their favorite "goodies" – the toys that you leave around your yard.Those toys now have names, too. Before, you had to guess at what they were based on the image, but now, we have officially sanctioned English names. Your cats can enjoy a "cardboard cafe," a "thick cooling pad," or a "fish-stick tunnel."

If you’ve never played Neko Atsume before, now’s the perfect time to discover the simple charms of collecting cats. And if you play and it’s not charming enough… try switching to Japanese.Download Neko Atsume for iOS or Android.

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