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Published July 18, 2016|5 min read

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UPDATE: Our live chat with Jean Chatzky is over, and you can read all of her amazing answers to questions asked by our readers right here. Jean answers questions about investing, credit card debt, home buying, and more. You can still read about why we were so excited for the opportunity to work with Jean below.

After our Q&A with Jean Chatzky, she sat down with PolicyGenius CEO Jennifer Fitzgerald to talk about female entrepreneurship on Facebook Live. Check out the conversation here:

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Insurance is important, but we know it’s just one part of your larger financial plan. Retirement, savings, college, day-to-day costs – there’s a lot you have to think about when it comes to money.

People on TV, radio, and blogs make it look easy, don’t they? Don’t you wish you could sit down with a personal finance expert and ask them whatever was on your mind when it comes to money?

Now’s your chance, with our Q&A with Jean Chatzky later this month. Ask your question today using the widget in the sidebar (or, way down at the bottom of this page on mobile), and we'll let you know if your question is picked! You can also ask questions live on July 27th.

Join us for a personal finance Q&A

On July 27th at Noon EST, we’ll be hosting a Q&A with Jean Chatzky herself right here on the PolicyGenius blog.

You might know Jean from her contributions to the Today Show, Forbes, Bankrate, TIME, SmartMoney, and more, or from her own website. She’s also written a lot of insightful books, including her most recent, Money Rules, and she has a podcast, HerMoney, that we’re big fans of.

We didn’t call her a personal finance superhero for nothing.

But the Q&A; isn’t between us and Jean. It’s between you and Jean. Submit your personal finance questions, from budgeting to mortgages to insurance, right now using the form on the right side of the page. Then come back on July 27th to follow the conversation, see what else your fellow finance fans are asking, and submit more questions as Jean answers in real time.

You might learn answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

What makes Jean great is that she’s a resource for personal finance beginners. Whether it’s investing or insurance, one of the biggest hurdles in getting people started on the right track with their money is just getting started. That’s why we think her advice is so helpful, she thinks that same way we do about insurance - it should be part of your financial plan and be an easy item to shop for and obtain. Everyone deserves to be in control of their financial future, and Jean is a great place for anyone to start.

Take one of Jean’s most popular topics: living beyond your means. It’s one of her core tenets and top money rules. It’s difficult to master but easy to get started on; it doesn’t involve needing to know investment jargon or what the best retirement product is. It’s the kind of real-world advice that anyone can do at any time when they want to start tackling their money problems head on.

We also love that Jean targets a lot of her advice toward women. Women face unique challenges when it comes to money, earning less and feeling less confident about financial topics than men. While anybody can benefit from Jean’s advice, when she talks about money, the workplace, or life in general, much of it is tailored to women and the specific challenges and opportunities they face. It’s an underserved market, and we’re glad Jean is going up to bat for women.

What have you always wanted to know about your money? Is it whether you should focus on an IRA or a 529 first? Which debt you should pay down immediately, your biggest or your smallest? What, exactly, a reverse mortgage is? Should you and your spouse have separate checking accounts? If a 401(k) is worth contributing to if your employer isn’t matching?

These are questions all of us face every day. What we don’t have every day, though, is the opportunity to get answers directly from a bonafide expert. And trust us – when it comes to expertise, Jean has it in spades.

Why Jean?

It seems like everyone with a personal finance blog considers themselves an "expert." So why did we want to do our first Q&A with Jean?

She’s one of our favorite personal finance personalities because she knows how to talk to people about money and breaks the process of planning and saving down into easily achievable tasks.

Getting a handle on your finances can seem overwhelming at times. When that happens, it’s nice knowing there are experts like Jean out there who realize that not everyone else is an expert, too. Jean has a way of breaking down complicated financial matters in a way that anyone can understand.Think about it: would someone who couldn’t explain money in fun, simple terms be a regular on the Today Show? Probably not.

All of this comes from a lifetime of experience; Jean has been mastering money her entire life, whether it was saving up for a trip to Disney World or realizing a higher-paying job out of college wasn’t as fulfilling as doing what she wanted to do. After working as a reporter/researcher at Forbes, Jean joined SmartMoney in 1992 before moving on to Money Magazine in 1998.

And Jean has been recognized for her hard work, too. The Chicago Tribune named or one of the nation's top 30 magazine columnists, she’s received the Clarion Award and the Gracie Award for her magazine columns and radio show, respectively, and the Consumer Federation of America awarded her the Betty Furness Consumer Media Service Award. Jean looks out for everyday people, giving them the advice they need to succeed, and everyone has taken notice.

We’re excited to be able to bring you this opportunity to ask your questions directly to Jean, and we know you’ll find her to be as valuable a resource as millions of other people do.

So get your thinking caps on, submit your questions, and join us back here at Noon EST on July 27th ready to learn!