What is hygge, and can Hygge Box deliver it with a monthly subscription?

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Published August 7, 2019 | 3 min read

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This is the latest edition of our series, Lifetime Subscriber. From clothes to food to vitamins, we review popular subscription services and decide if they’re worth the price.

A typical subscription box will contain a variety of products, from makeup to clothing to coffee. But what if you were able to box a feeling?

Hygge Box sets out to do just that.

“Hygge” is a Danish word meaning comfort and coziness, and Hygge Box’s mission is to give that feeling directly through the items in its monthly boxes.

“Hygge is the Danish lifestyle of coziness, happiness and enjoying life’s simple pleasures,” said the company. “It is a ritual filled with warmth, comfort, simplicity and relaxation.”

I’ve been on the hunt for a subscription service to review that’s more out of the box (pun intended), and Hygge Box seemed to fit the bill. There have been plenty of times I’ve worked to create a feeling of relaxation and calm in my apartment, not knowing there’s actually a word for it. I was excited to learn more about hygge and, hopefully experience what Hygge Box calls “a hug for the soul.”

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How Hygge Box works

Hygge Box offers two types of subscription boxes: standard and deluxe. The standard box comes with four-to-five items and the deluxe box comes with five-to-seven items. Each box is curated around the seasons, has a central theme, and contains elements of light (like candles and string lights), hot drinks (like coffee or tea), treats (like biscuits and cookies) and more.

I received a summer-themed deluxe box a couple weeks after putting in my information. The box came with six items, in addition to a personalized card detailing all the items and how they relate to the theme of “sommarhygge,” or summer comfort.

Inside the box was a blue knit blanket, a wax candle, granola, face moisturizer, a ceramic bowl and packets of pour-over coffee. I noticed Hygge Box used smaller brands and products from family-run companies.

How much Hygge Box costs

Costs vary depending on what type of subscription you get. Standard boxes start at $28/box for a month-to-month subscription and $25/box for an annual subscription. Deluxe boxes start at $39.95/box for a month-to-month subscription and $36.50/box for an annual subscription.

Hygge Box review

I enjoyed a few of the items in the Hygge Box, including the face moisturizer and granola. The moisturizer smelled amazing and was great on my skin. The granola, from Birdseed Food Company, was delicious and crunchy and not overly sweet (like most types of granola). Both items invoked that feeling of coziness Hygge Box set out to conjure up.

While the other items were nice, they didn’t quite fit the homey feeling I was expecting out of the box. The blanket was pretty thin and not very soft, and the candle wasn’t scented and dripped all over my floor.

I had pretty high expectations going into trying Hygge Box, as I would consider it a novelty subscription. I did feel a little let down by the quality of some of the items, and wasn’t quite sure the price justified what I was getting. But it was fun to receive it, and to anticipate the surprise of what was inside.

Is Hygge Box worth it?

Like most other subscription products, Hygge caters to a very specific crowd. So while the average consumer may not feel the need to shell out $25 or more a month for “cozy” items, an individual familiar with the Danish custom or someone interested in novelty subscription boxes may.

Hygge Box may also be best for a consumer interested in discovering and supporting smaller, independent brands.

At the end of the day, Hygge Box is an extra expense for the homebody who wants to warm up their apartment or house. In many ways, consumers are simply paying for the experience of receiving a Hygge Box, over specifically subscribing for the products inside. If you’re willing to pay extra, it may be worth your while.

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