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Published February 24, 2016|3 min read

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We’re reviewing the most popular personal finance blogs on the web to figure out what they do best, and who we think will get the most out of them. If you don’t already have a favorite personal finance blog, we’ll help you find one!


GoGirl Financehttp://gogirlfinance.comOnline since: 2009Go Girl Finance is a great blog for women looking to achieve financial literacy.

  • "For the first time in history," Caryn Effron writes, " hold an unprecedented power when it comes to spending an earning money." However, women still lag behind men when it comes to financial literacy — women are "less comfortable with the stock market" and fewer than half of American women "are able to answer basic financial literacy questions."That’s why Effron founded GoGirl Finance, a personal finance blog geared towards the modern working woman — women who are the primary breadwinner in their homes, making the majority of household spending decisions, and controlling the majority of America’s private wealth.

Who will get the most out of GoGirl Finance?

If you’re a woman and you’re earning a paycheck, you’ll probably get something out of GoGirl Finance. Their content is helpfully split up into four major sections: lifestyle, career, entrepreneur, and money. Inside of those sections, the editors at GoGirl Finance have drilled down into even more specific categories: retirement, charity, female founders, and taxes, for example.The blog does seem more focused on young, single millennial women and women who are looking to starts their own businesses or rise quickly to upper management and executive positions. While there is definitely family content on the site, it’s not as prominent as other family-focused blogs.

Recent posts from GoGirl Finance

Is there a sense of community? How engaged is the blogger?

GoGirl Finance has an active Twitter account and Facebook page where you can get updates on their latest posts. Each article also has a comments section where you can leave thoughts and interact with other readers. Generally, we haven’t noticed a lot of activity in any of those locations as far as reader interaction goes, but the option is available if you want to share your opinions.

Does it offer any tools?

There aren’t really any interactive tools, as far as we can tell, though you can argue that many of these articles serve as tool boxes for women to learn about investing, retirement, and other big topics.

Its unique strengths

GoGirl Finance is a great resource for women who are interested in starting their own businesses or going freelance. Their articles specifically address the challenges that women may face while working independently or while starting a new business. Unfortunately, female founders are still rare, and GoGirl Finance produces resources to help women who want to make the plunge into entrepreneurship.Beyond that, we think it’s novel that GoGirl Finance attempts to publish articles for women in all walks of life. We think it’s true that if you’re a woman who has to make financial decisions, you’ll find something useful on GoGirl Finance — especially with years of articles in the archives.

What we'd like to see more of

We’d love to see GoGirl Finance expand into interactive tools and calculators that can help women make huge financial decisions. Something like a student debt payoff calculator or a retirement planner or even just a basic budget worksheet would go a long way towards increasing financial literacy.Plus, with so many articles in the archive, we’d love to see GoGirl Finance collect some of their best work and produce mini-guides on certain topics, such as female founders or entrepreneurship. We’d love to read some of their articles as an eBook, and we think lots of women would find that useful as well.Want to learn more about GoGirl Finance? Head over to their site today.

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