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Published June 23, 2016|3 min read

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The New York City startup scene is as vibrant as any in the world.As an insurance startup, we’re excited to be in the Big Apple not just because it situates us next to some of the biggest insurance and financial institutions in the world – being close by is handy when we’re trying to bring them into the 21st century digital world – but also the best and brightest minds who are creating new tools, discovering new ways to do things, and disrupting entire multibillion dollar industries.PolicyGenius’ Chief Design Officer Justin Ternullo is speaking at General Assembly’s Tap Into Tech next week, and it’s going to be a great opportunity to meet some of our fellow startup standouts and share a few insights along the way.

What is Tap Into Tech

General Assembly has quickly built itself as the best place to learn the skills needed to build your startup arsenal. Whether it’s design, marketing, technology, or data, their online and on-campus classes make it easy for you to brush up on your marketable skillset.Tap Into Tech is an extension of that dedication to learning. Classes are great, but there’s really nothing like seeing experienced companies in action. Every month, General Assembly uses Tap Into Tech to showcase a demo from up-and-coming tech companies.

Not only do you get to see applications of skills in a real-life scenario – actual working websites, apps, and services – but you can meet like-minded individuals who share your passions. It’s great for networking, from companies looking to hire to job seekers to those who are just looking for someone with similar habits.And if that’s not enough to entice you, there’s also beer for budding entrepreneurs and startup hopefuls old enough to partake, so the "tap" in Tap Into Tech take on a whole other meaning. Come for the drinks, stay for the demos.

Why PolicyGenius will be there

Getting insurance has been, traditionally, the worst. At PolicyGenius we wanted to make it just a little bit better, which is why we’re focused on world-class design. Our Chief Design Officer Justin Ternullo will be on hand to show just how to bring fun to an unsexy industry.So many insurance consumers are used to bland websites, labyrinthian forms, and the dreaded phone call with a sales agent who’s trying to push an expensive, unnecessary policy on them. That’s not at all what we’re about.Justin’s going to talk about PolicyGenius’ simple mission: get people the insurance coverage they need and make them feel good about it. He’ll also discuss how a customer-centric approach to insurance shapes the company’s processes in nearly every area, from onboarding to final purchase.

Our blog provides information on every insurance topic you could ever want, and our best-in-class decision-making tools help you figure out exactly what you need. Instant, unbiased quotes mean you can compare policies from the nation’s highest-rated insurers in one place. And the online application process means you only talk on the phone when you’re ready.All of this is wrapped up in design, which is Justin’s domain of expertise. With so many devices, you have to make sure your site is as easy to use on a phone as it is on a desktop. When you’re trying to bring insurance options to an underserved audience, you have to make sure you’re delivering it in a way that’s quick and intuitive and allows them to find whatever they’re looking for.And making it all look pretty doesn’t hurt.If you’re in New York City and want to see how you outfit an old industry with a new style, stop by Tap Into Tech to see Justin talk on June 28th at 6:30.