9 easy ways to save money on your Easter baskets


Tracie Fobes

Tracie Fobes

Blog author Tracie Fobes

Published March 22, 2018|3 min read

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Easter morning. There is nothing more fun than the excitement of the kids running to find the hidden eggs and see what goodies the Easter Bunny left in their baskets.

I see pictures of Easter celebrations, and it feels like it gets bigger and bigger every year. But you don’t have to follow this trend. Instead, do what you need to fill your baskets on a budget. Here's how.

1. Use baskets from last year

There is no need to get a new one each year. In fact, my kids save their Easter grass and reuse it. If you don’t like this year’s basket, wait until after Easter and pick one up to replace it. That way, you get something new at a discount.

2. Shop dollar stores

If you want small trinkets to add to your basket, dollar stores have a treasure trove of options. From inexpensive candies to small toys, you can find it all. If you need inspiration on what to add, make sure you check out 100 Non-Candy Easter ideas.

3. Skip the pre-made baskets

The baskets at the store that are already filled with candy and toys are pricey. Instead of buying one that is already built, why not create your own? You and your kids can decorate the basket with stickers, paper, glitter or even these Easter potato stamps. Then, you can pick up a few little things to fill it with. This way, you know you're getting something both you and your kids will be happy with — at a redueced price.

4. Go with homemade fillers

Rather than pick up candy to put in the hidden eggs, consider filling them with homemade cookies. Don't want to involve treats? Put coins inside instead or one of these 100 non-candy Easter basket ideas.

5. Get one big item & skip the small stuff

You could just decide to buy one larger toy and then toss a few candies into your baskets. This can make it simpler, plus you are not filling the basket with small toys your kids won't use, all with the basic goal of filling space. It makes sense to spend a bit more on something that will last rather than less on things which end up in the trash or bottom of the toy box.

6. Don't forget your coupons

As we march closer to Easter, there are lots of great coupons to save on Easter candy. Match these with your store sales to get a great deal.

7. Go DIY

Rather than buy the plastic grass, why not make it? Use your paper shredder and create grass out of colored construction paper. It not only saves you money but it a fun, environmentally-friendly project, too.

8. Fill the basket with necessities

Growing up, we found things such as sunglasses and toothbrushes in our baskets. These were things we needed, and we were happy for them.

Buy different things your kids need — sunglasses, socks, underwear, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hats, etc. — or items that need replacing, like markers and crayons. Rather than buy them for no reason, we just turn these into Easter basket fillers.

9. Shop ahead

When the Easter items go on clearance on the Monday following the holiday, start stocking up. You can pick up coloring kits, new baskets, grass, plastic eggs and so much more. Sure this won't help with Easter this year, but you'll be happy to have it when the holiday rolls around in 2019.

This post originally appeared on Penny Pinchin' Mom.

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