These DIY holiday gifts are easy — & won't ruin your budget


Ally Greer

Ally Greer

Blog author Ally Greer

Published December 14, 2017|3 min read

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The season of giving is upon us and if you’re wondering what holiday gift to get everyone that is thoughtful and doesn't cost a fortune, a DIY gift may be just the ticket. Not sure what to make? We've got a handful of ideas right here.

Scented bath salts

If you’ve got a friend or roomie who winds down with a warm bath and glass of wine, this is the perfect gift. All you’ll need is Epsom salts (available at most pharmacies), any scented oil you’d like to use and food coloring if you really feel like going the extra mile. Simply mix the ingredients together with a fork and put the finished product in a decorative jar.

Recipes in a jar

Have someone with a sweet tooth on your list? Find out their favorite treat — like cookies, banana bread or pancakes — and grab the required ingredients. Measure out how much of each item they'll need and then layer the dry ingredients into the jar. You can stack any needed toppings — like chocolate chips, M&Ms or marshmallows — on top. Print out the recipe on a piece of paper, tie it to the jar with a ribbon and you’re good to go!

Heart candle holders

There are few gifts more universal than the gift of light; candlelight that is. From the friend who has a candle on almost every flat surface, to the one who lives and breathes hygge, this is the perfect gift.

You'll need a candle, which you can either make yourself or buy a pack of small ones. Then, create a heart-shaped stencil (or whichever shape you think your gift recipient will like best) and tape it to the Mason jar. Paint around the stencil in their favorite color and let it dry. When you remove the stencil, you'll have a shaped window for the flame to shine through.

Custom journal

The new year is the perfect time to start a new journal, whether it’s a planner, to-do-list-maker or personal diary. Giving the gift of blank pages is a meaningful one and, best of all, you can get creative with the outside. Grab some stencils, markers, stickers or even glitter and adorn the front of a plain journal with a quote, monogram or design you know will make your recipient smile every day. A gift that doesn't land you in debt and that they'll use all year long — can't beat that!

Gift card snowglobe

If you’re going to go the gift card route, here’s a way to jazz it up a little: Instead of just putting the card in an envelope, why not put it in a snowglobe you make yourself? Just make sure the card is plastic and won't get ruined if it's in water!

To make the snowglobe, you'll need some mini ornaments, glitter, a Mason jar with a screw lid and a hot glue gun. First, use the hot glue to glue the gift card, standing up, to the inside of the lid. If you want, you can spring for a baseball card holder to protect the card from water (although this isn’t necessary). Pour some glitter into the jar and place the mini ornaments at the bottom. Fill the jar with water, screw on the lid and turn it over. Relish in the beauty of your home-made snowglobe and enjoy the impressed reaction of your besties!

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