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Hanna Horvath, CFP®

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Hanna Horvath, CFP®, is a certified financial planner and former managing editor at Policygenius. Her work has also been featured in NBC News, Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, CNBC, Best Company, and HerMoney.

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It can seem exhausting and time-consuming to educate yourself on personal finance. But developing good financial sense doesn’t need to take hours. Enter the newsletter, which makes learning about personal finance easy and convenient.

Of course, there are a ton of newsletters out there. How do you know which ones to trust? Check out our list of the nine best personal finance newsletters on every topic, from financial news to investing to personal finance tips.

1. Easy Money by Policygenius

Sure, we're a little biased, but Policygenius does more than just getting you the right life insurance policy. If you're looking for financial guidance that’s actionable and easy to understand, you'll love our Easy Money newsletter just as much as we do. In this free digestible weekly email, readers can find explainers on money news and personalized advice perfect for busy people. Got five minutes? Policygenius’s newsletter also offers quick money tasks to get your finances back on track.

2. Morning Brew

For the budding businessman or experienced entrepreneur, Morning Brew covers the latest in the business world in a snappy, informative way that keeps readers up-to-date without overwhelming them with jargon. Want to learn more? Check out our Q&A with Morning Brew founder and CEO Alex Lieberman.

3. Money Moves

This weekly newsletter, written by Lifehacker’s Alicia Adamczyk, takes an in-depth look at a particular money topic, from the popular 50/30/20 budgeting plan to affordable mental health care. Readers can expect to become more well-versed in complex money topics and, as an added bonus, sound extra smart at their next office party.

4. Your Money by The New York Times

This newsletter tackles more complex financial issues, particularly how recent current events can affect your money or the economy. Topics include student loans, parenting and investing.

Are you an avid New York Times reader? The newspaper offers a discount for students — you can find out more discounts for freebies for students of all ages here.

5. Scott’s Cheap Flights

While not your standard personal finance newsletter, this one is worth mentioning because of the travel deals you can score. The company’s mission is to help you find you cheap flights. It has a free service that alerts you via email every time a flight deal pops up. You can also subscribe to its membership service for $49 per year to get exclusive deals.

Check out our Q&A with Scott here.

6. Jill on Money

Jill Schlesinger is a certified financial planner and author of “The Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money." She also hosts the podcast “Jill on Money” and offers a newsletter of the same name. Jill on Money is a perfect read for those on the go, offering up advice on how to take back control of your financial life.

7. Robinhood Snacks

This longform newsletter, published by the investment app Robinhood, promises all the financial news you need to know today in a three-minute read. The writing is millennial-focused (expect to find emojis and internet culture jokes) and is a great read for someone who’s just getting into investing. Readers can also get top-line market information. Curious about Robinhood? Read our review of the app.

8. The Penny Hoarder Daily

On the hunt for bargains and freebies? This daily newsletter is for you. The Penny Hoarder Daily is a longform newsletter that compiles and links back to their recent blog stories, including topics like budgeting, credit repair and other frugal money moves. Expect access to personal finance tools and a free money bootcamp after signing up.

9. Finimize

Finimize is a daily newsletter for millennial investors. It’s broken up into distinct sections, making it easy to skimm and pull out what applies to you. It breaks down the big questions like “How do I buy Bitcoin?” or “What stocks have gone up?” and covers financial stories, from cryptocurrency to mutual funds. If you’re looking to become financially savvy but only have a couple minutes to spare, this newsletter is for you.

More of a listener? We have a roundup of the best personal finance podcasts.

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