10 unnecessary baby products parents can skip


Holly Johnson

Holly Johnson

Blog author Holly Johnson

Published September 11, 2018 | 3 min read

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Featured Image 10 unnecessary baby products parents can skip

Updated July 30, 2019: Having children may be the most rewarding experience of your life — but it’s definitely not the cheapest one. If you’re expecting or plan to be, you can save a ton of money by not buying every flashy baby product that catches your eye. (Not to mention they can be dangerous.)

If you’re looking for some items to slash from your baby registry, here are ten baby products you can absolutely skip.

1. Wipe warmer

Baby wipes are already moist and ready to use. Wipe warmers dry them out, removing the moisture they need to work. They are also too bulky to fit in your diaper bag. If that isn’t enough to sway you, remember that babies probably don’t care if their wipes are warm to begin with.

2. Infant shoes & socks

Since your baby can’t walk or run, buying shoes and socks is mostly unnecessary — what’s more, they grow out of them pretty quickly. If you must purchase baby shoes, buy or borrow a used set of shoes.

3. Baby towels & bath robes

Baby towels and bathrobes are a cute idea, but they are entirely unnecessary. Any regular towel will dry your baby off just fine, and your baby does not need a bathrobe to lounge around in.

4. Baby bath tub

Your home already has two bath tubs that will work for a baby — the larger adult tub in your bathroom and your kitchen sink. You can use either one as long as you hold your baby while you rinse them gently with soap and warm water. Skip the baby bath tub and save your money instead.

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5. Diaper Genie

Diaper Genies are gadgets that let you bundle dirty diapers — and hide their awful scent — in any room for weeks at a time. Not only is hoarding dirty diapers in your home gross, it’s unnecessary. Keep a diaper pail that you empty regularly or walk especially dirty diapers to your outdoor trash instead, and you can avoid buying this wasteful—and potentially unhygienic—device.

6. Fancy baby clothing

As cute as baby clothes are, your kid will grow out of them pretty quickly. Your baby may need a few nice outfits for pictures, but the rest of their clothing can be hand-me-downs or inexpensive basics. Paying for expensive baby clothes that will most likely be pooped or puked on is not a good investment.

7. Pacifier wipes

Some companies sell special pacifier wipes made for wiping off binkies and pacifiers that fall to the ground or become dirty otherwise. But, guess what? You do not need special wipes for this purpose. You can rinse dirty pacifiers off in the sink or use a regular wipe to clean them up on the go.

8. Baby cologne

Several baby companies make special baby cologne — yes, you read that correctly. This is a nice product, but your baby’s natural scent should be enough. If it isn't, that means it may be time for a bath.

9. Fancy crib bedding

Fancy crib bedding is not only unnecessary, it’s also dangerous. Government safety warns against pillows, soft materials or loose bedding in a baby’s crib. Your infant needs a safe crib and a sheet over their mattress, and that’s about it.

10. Infant toys

Finally, skip the baby toys. Babies can benefit from looking at brightly-colored or moving objects, but they don’t need a toy box quite yet. Pick your baby up a used mobile and a few teething toys and you’re good to go.

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