9 overlooked ways to save money on your first baby


Adam Cecil

Adam Cecil

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Published May 22, 2015

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There's a reason your first baby is usually your most expensive one. Most likely, you don’t have any hand-me-down clothing, toys, or other baby equipment. And no matter how much you prepare, there are a lot of unexpected expenses that can easily drain your bank account.To help you endure those first year expenses, we collected some of our favorite savings tips from around the web that are so simple, they’re easy to overlook.

  1. Coupons, everywhere. There are coupons in parenting magazines. There are coupons online and in newspapers. There are probably coupons in the maternity ward. You might even get some in the mail. Use them. [The Bump]

  2. Buy more expensive diapers. This might seem counterproductive, but reviews say that cheap diapers are defective and often lead to urine and poop overflow, which means ruined furniture, carpets, and clothing. [The Simple Dollar]

  3. Subscribe to diapers. AmazonMom, a free service on top of Amazon Prime ($99/year), will save you 20% when you subscribe to a frequent diaper delivery. You’ll save more than enough to pay for Prime membership, plus you can finally watch Transparent. [Live Like You’re Rich]

  4. Don’t upgrade your space. Lots of parents think they need to upgrade to two-bedroom apartments or a larger home before the baby comes. But babies don’t actually need a lot of space. You can get away with a cheaper space for a while before you need to expand.

  5. Rent out extra space. If you already made the jump and upgraded your space, see if you can find a temporary renter to fill it. If not, maybe AirBnB? [Daily Finance]

  6. Don’t buy unnecessary toys. Your baby doesn’t actually need a chest full of toys–they’ll probably be pretty happy with just a few. And toys that claim to help your kids reach developmental milestones? They might work, but there’s a good chance they’re as full of it as your baby’s diapers. [Cheatsheet]

  7. Don’t get Air Jordans for your baby. Or any shoes, for that matter. Until they can walk, they can deal with socks and soft booties. [Parents.com]

  8. Buy giant toddler shirts. Use them instead of bibs. Put them over your baby’s regular outfit, and when they get dirty, just throw them in with the wash. Then, when your baby is a toddler, they’ll already have clothes for outside playtime and their own messy meals. [The Simple Dollar]

  9. Utilize your local library. Thanks to Kindles and iPads and Netflixes, we’ve kind of forgotten about our local libraries. Not only do they have great collections of children’s books, but they’ll also have resources for you as a new parent. [Parents.com]

Image: Andrés Nieto Porras