7 gifts the tooth fairy can give besides money


Holly Johnson

Holly Johnson

Blog author Holly Johnson

Published August 6, 2018 | 3 min read

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Featured Image 7 gifts the tooth fairy can give besides money

Updated March 21, 2019: Today, American children receive approximately $4.13 per tooth, according to the Original Tooth Fairy Poll.

That’s great, but cash gifts aren’t all that creative nor are they always put to good use. Maybe your kid throws their tooth fairy money in their piggy bank and forgets about it. Or they lose the money altogether. (Hey, kids are expensive.)

Perhaps you just want to do something special for your child. Either way, here are gift ideas for parents who are ready for the tooth fairy to do things differently this year.

1. Creative coupons

Maybe your kid loves something specific, like your local children’s museum or a favorite ice cream shop. In that case, consider having the tooth fairy give them a coupon for whatever it is their heart desires.

This gift will surprise your child and let them know the tooth fairy knows them well. Here are some pro coupon tips.

2. Fun dental supplies

Because the tooth fairy is all about teeth, why not give your kid a dentally inspired gift? The tooth fairy could gather fun dental supplies like a toothbrush adorned with their favorite character, flavored mouthwash and colored floss.

Not only will this gift idea let your kid know the tooth fairy cares about their dental health, but it might inspire them to care, too.

3. Tooth fairy door

Look up “tooth fairy door” on Amazon and you’ll find an assortment of creative tiny doors perfect for tooth fairy visits. These doors can be a great gift for kids getting ready for the next time the tooth fairy visits, or you can gift them to your child the night before they lose their first tooth to make the occasion more special.

4. Smile-friendly sweets

Kids love candy, but sugar damages teeth. What if you could gift them candy that’s good for their grins? Zollipops anti-cavity lollipops come in six flavors and let kids feed their sweet tooth without dental damage. These suckers are the ideal gift for kids with a sweet tooth, and they’re affordable, too.

Zollipops offers tooth-friendly taffy as well. Zaffi Taffy has no sugar, gluten or dairy and comes in strawberry, pineapple, orange and grape flavors. Like its lollipop cousin, this taffy is made with Xylitol and Erythritol and cleans your teeth instead of damaging them.

5. Gift card

Maybe you want to give a gift that is more meaningful than a few dollar bills. In that case, a gift certificate to your child’s favorite restaurant or retailer could do the trick. Here's how to get the most out of your gift cards.

6. Tooth fairy letter or certificate

If you really want to make your child believe, typing up a heartfelt letter from the tooth fairy could do the trick. Of course, you could also award your child with a tooth fairy certificate to commemorate their toothless grin.

You can find printables for these ideas on the Original Tooth Fairy Poll website. Add your child’s name into the template before you print, and you’re good to go.

7. Tooth fairy coins or custom gifts

Etsy is a treasure trove for those looking for gifts from the tooth fairy. You’ll find everything from gold tooth fairy coins to tooth fairy dust and custom tooth fairy pillows.

Many Etsy sellers are willing to customize gifts in your child’s favorite color or with their name.

A visit from the tooth fairy can be a great moment to teach your kids about money. Check out these 50 fun ways to teach your kids about money to get started.

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