6 ways Pinterest can save you money


Holly Johnson

Holly Johnson

Blog author Holly Johnson

Published April 12, 2018|2 min read

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Whether you’re looking for a way to use a half-pound of carrots, a new DIY project or travel inspiration, there’s no limit to what you can find on Pinterest. And that includes saving money.

This tool may be full of ways to spend some cash, but there are plenty of ideas that can help your budget if you know where to look. Here are six ways to use Pinterest to help your wallet.

1. Find new ways to DIY

The most popular way to use Pinterest to save money is to find easy, realistic do-it-yourself ideas. Whether you want to make your own wedding centerpieces, stain your own kitchen cabinets or build decorative bins out of wooden crates, Pinterest offers a treasure trove of useful options with step-by-step instructions.

Whatever your talents or interests, DIY anything is almost always cheaper than buying in the store.

2. Compare before you buy

Another way Pinterest can help you save is by allowing you to compare prices and shop around before you buy something. Whether you search for "immersion blender" or "wedding dress," you’re bound to find lots of options — and sometimes even reviews — to help you compare.

3. Repurpose your wardrobe

If you’re trying to save on clothing, Pinterest has your back. It's teeming with affordable fashion ideas you may not have considered, helping you update items already in your closet without spending a fortune. Pinterest can teach you how to do everything from add lace accents to a denim jacket to figure out the best ways to alter your own jeans.

4. Look up money-saving tips

Just looking for direct tips on getting your finances in better shape? There is content on Pinterest to give you ideas on how to save on everything from your utility bills to items around the home.

For example, tired of the expense of disposable diapers? Search Pinterest for washable and DIY diaper ideas. Looking for ways to pay less for everything? You can find out about how to shop at a dollar store or how to reduce your grocery bill.

5. Explore cheap recipe ideas

Another popular way to use Pinterest is to find new meal ideas that don't drain your wallet. The options here are endless. You can search by type of food (think pot roast, birthday cake, mimosas), cooking methods (Crock-Pot, barbecue) or even meals for specific groups (kids, vegetarians). Basically, if you can eat it, you can find a cheap or interesting way to make it on Pinterest.

6. Score freebies

Search for “freebies” or “free stuff” on Pinterest and you’ll find resources galore to connect you with free stuff from your favorite brands. You'll discover how to find the best free samples or how to get free beauty samples in the mail. If there’s a freebie out there, Pinterest can help you get your hands on it in no time.

Genius tip: If you have to give out your address or any other personal information to get any of these deals, make sure you're doing so on a trusted site. After all, a free shampoo sample isn't worth identity theft.

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