6 surprisingly trendy pieces from Ikea that won't break the bank

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One of my first memories from adulthood involves sitting in my brand new, intimidatingly empty apartment with my dad and building furniture. Five and a half years later, I still put my cup on that same coffee table, water my plants on that little shelf and eat dinner at that kitchen table.

Then, I sit on that same couch and dream about all of the wonderfully trendy furniture I would rather be putting my cup on, making homes for my plants in and enjoying nightly meals at.

As soon as I finish designing my new apartment in my head, I remember that I’m 27, living in San Francisco, and have a budget of approximately $37.

I’m not sure how it happened, but just as it always does, I found myself turning back to my friend Ikea for another short-term refresh. To my surprise, I found a few gems that I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to break 100 likes on Instagram with later. Enjoy!

1. LOHALS natural flatwoven rug – $29.99

Ditch that same grey-and-white-striped rug that everyone else has and opt for this earthy substitute. It works to brighten up a bedroom or give a bathroom a springy vibe.

2. HEMNES nightstand – $69.99

Bring some light into your life with this nightstand. Its use of vertical space makes it feel less clunky, and can you just imagine how great it would look with the perfect succulent combo on it?

3. EKERO chair – $149

I’ll give it to this one. Its catalogue photo is one of the few that looks like it maybe did come from a the house of a put-together adult, which is what I aspire to be. It might not seem like the most comfortable option, but we all know that style and comfort are indirectly proportional when it comes to living room armchairs.

4. TERESIA sheer curtains – $8.49/pair

Picture it: a sunny Sunday morning, windows cracked, birds chirping, the smell of spring in the air, and these light, airy curtains gently blowing in the breeze. All for less than $10!

5. INGO pine table – $69

When scoping out the best of my friends apartments, I noticed one thing they all have in common: a wooden table. Whether it’s in a dining area with pretty placemats and a colorful bouquet in the middle or a home office filled with gadgets and optimized for ergonomic comfort, it gives any room a rustic yet artsy feel. Just trust me on this one.

6. OFELIA throw - $29.99

The amount of luxurious coziness this throw blanket provides should almost not be allowed to be sold at such a low price.

Ally Greer is an expert in — and perpetual student of — renter’s rights, city living and other things young professionals should know. Outside of that, she's trying to figure out adulthood in the tech capital of the world while still finding time for comedy, baseball and calling her mom.

Image: Ondine32