6 podcasts just for dads


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Adam Cecil

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Published June 3, 2015|3 min read

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Podcasts: they're the radio show for the modern man. Just like your ancestors gathered around the radio to listen to Roosevelt's fireside chats, you and your brethren pop earbuds into your ear canals and listen to comedians give you parenting advice (and financial advice and news and health tips and murder mysteries).

The podcasts we've gathered below celebrate fatherhood, give great advice, promote discussion, and will make you laugh about changing diapers and dealing with teenagers.

6 podcasts just for dads

Beardy DadsIf you're like a lot of dads, you probably have very little experience with kids, babies, and especially changing diapers. The Beardy Dads have been there, done that, and are ready to share their experiences with you. This isn't a podcast by experts–it's a podcast by real dads who want to talk to you about being a dad. No beards required.Listen on iTunes

The DadcastWith episode titles like "Top 5 Ways to Embarrass Your Kids" and "Top 5 Reasons Why Your Teen is a Douchebag," Dadcast is the audio version of a Buzzfeed headline mixed in a blender with the best dad humor and insights. Self-proclaimed "Super Dads" Nick Nieblas and Shawn Warner fill their podcast with personal stories, serious advice, and a lot of silly top 5 lists.Listen on Player.fm

The Modern Dads PodcastIf you're reading this, you're probably a modern dad. Fatherhood is way different than it used to be–it's no longer father knows best, and fathers are expected to take a much more active role in their children's lives than in the past. The Modern Dads Podcast seeks to help every modern dad explore every facet of fatherhood and find his groove.Listen on iTunes

PediaCastThe media likes to portray dads as the roughhouser, the guy who teaches you how to throw a football and box a big slab of meat hanging in the basement. You may or may not be that kind of dad, but no matter what, you'll still always worry about your kid getting sick. Dr. Mike, host of the PediaCast, is a pediatric expert who is dedicated to helping parents understand what's happening with their kid's bodies.Listen on iTunes

The Life of Dad**The Life of Dad is a huge social network and blog just for dads. The podcast isn't specifically about parenting–there's a lot of sports talk, some discussion of recent children's movies that have come out, and interviews with famous folk. It's the kind of discussion you'd have with the other dads when you go to a little league game, for instance. Life of Dad is funny and engaging, and a favorite of many dads across the internet.Listen on iTunes

The Dad PodcastOne of the most popular podcasts for dads, The Dad Podcast with comedian Justin Worsham is a hilarious look at the world of fatherhood. Justin is used to performing in front of people, and his insights are bound to make you crack a smile at least or make you pull over the car because you can't see through the tears of laughter.Listen on iTunes

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