50 town names that have to do with money


Valerie Heinmets

Valerie Heinmets

Blog author Valerie Heinmets

Published October 21, 2019

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With over 19,000 towns in the U.S. alone, there are a lot of options on where to put down roots. You can decide based on factors like school districts, job opportunities or location. Or, you can make it fun and pick one of these 50 money-themed towns.

These town or county names all are money-related, which can be perfect if you’re looking for good fortune or a chance to strike it rich. Here’s a list of money-themed towns across the country:

  1. Banks, Alabama

  2. Beaucoup, Illinois

  3. Billingsley, Alabama

  4. Bond, Illinois

  5. Bonus, Illinois

  6. Bountiful, Utah

  7. Bucksport, Maine

  8. Bull Run, Oregon

  9. Byersville, North Dakota

  10. Capital, Illinois

  11. Cash, South Dakota

  12. Commercial Township, New Jersey

  13. Eldorado, Illinois

  14. Empire, Colorado

  15. Enterprise, Alabama

  16. Forward, Pennsylvania

  17. Freetown, New York

  18. Gaines, Michigan

  19. Gold Bar, Washington

  20. Golden, Colorado

  21. Goldville, Alabama

  22. Grant, Alabama

  23. Greene, Maine

  24. Hamilton, Illinois

  25. Haven, Kansas

  26. Hundred, West Virginia

  27. Index, Missouri

  28. Industry, Illinois

  29. La Plata, Maryland

  30. Lien, Minnesota

  31. New Market, Maryland

  32. Oro Valley, Arizona

  33. Pound, Virginia

  34. Price, Arkansas

  35. Prospect, Maine

  36. Prosper, Minnesota

  37. Prosperity, South Carolina

  38. Register, Georgia

  39. Rich, Illinois

  40. Richland, Arkansas

  41. Sellers, South Carolina

  42. Silverton, Colorado

  43. Silver Grove, Kentucky

  44. Sterling, Pennsylvania

  45. Stock, Ohio

  46. Treasure Island, Florida

  47. Versailles, Kentucky

  48. Washington, New Jersey

  49. Worth, Indiana

  50. Zero, Nebraska

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