5 ways to earn extra money this summer


Anna Baluch

Anna Baluch

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Summer is not only a good time to get outside, but also ideal for making extra cash, thanks to warmer weather, longer days and flexible schedules.

There are plenty of ways to increase your income this summer. Here are five part-time jobs that can help pad your bank account all season long.

1. Sell stuff online

You probably have stuff you don’t need or use, including clothing, handbags, electronics, home appliances … the list goes on. Consider selling these items on online platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Amazon or Craigslist.

You’ll be able to get rid of clutter and make some money, especially if the items are new, gently used or manufactured by a popular brand. Someone may be willing to pay big money for items you don’t consider valuable or necessary.

Learn how to (safely) monetize your stuff online here.

2. Tutor

Are you an expert in calculus, chemistry or another subject? Use that knowledge to your advantage by tutoring children during the summer months. Many parents like to enroll their kids in tutoring over the summer so they can catch up on certain subjects and prepare for the upcoming school year.

Another option is tutoring college students on graduate school admissions exams like the GMAT or MCAT. All you’ll need to invest is your time and a great deal of patience.

3. Plan vacations

Many families travel in the summer since kids are off from school and parents typically have more flexible work schedules. If you love to do research, you can make money planning vacations for those who may not have the time or desire to plan their own.

Want to get started? Check out our vacation budgeting spreadsheet.

4. Rent out your home

If you’re planning on traveling often this summer, why not rent out your home to others? You can list it on a site like Airbnb or VRBO and enjoy some passive income while you’re away. We have the ultimate Airbnb host checklist here.

Renting out your home is a particularly good idea if you live in an area frequently visited by tourists or business professionals.

5. Lead outdoor exercise classes

Exercise lovers can make some cash by leading exercise classes at a local park, beach or other free outdoor venue.

You’ll get to burn calories, inspire others to get fit and earn extra income while enjoying the great outdoors. Workout options include outdoor yoga, tai-chi, kickboxing or Pilates.

Make the most out of the summer and ensure your bank account is in good shape once the fall rolls around by picking up an extra job. Want more ideas? Here are eight side hustles that cost nothing to start.