18 job search websites you should be using

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If you’re looking for a job online and feel like you're just throwing your resume into a black abyss, you’re not alone—job search websites can be a black box. It might seem like every job you apply for is a shot in the dark, but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether you're hitting a wall in your search or haven’t really started looking, we’ve put together some jobs search websites and apps you might not have heard of yet (so no, you won't find Monster.com here). They’re organized into categories based on what type of job search you’re doing, so that you can narrow it down to what you really need. We've highlighted the distinctive features of each site below.

Happy job hunting!

You want to work at a specific company

Glassdoor - Get an insider’s view of the company.

  • You can read reviews of a company’s culture written by its employees.

  • Information on the interview process is there to help you fully prepare.

  • It’s also a mobile app!

LinkUp - Filter your job search to only postings on company websites.

  • If you know you want to work for a specific company, this site will show you all of its available positions.

  • LinkUp has more than 2 million jobs on its site.

The Muse - Get a multimedia insider's view of a company before applying.

  • You can see inside the office, read employee bios and apply for open positions in the same place.

  • Great library of company videos and written content for the young job searcher.

You're looking for your first job

StartWire - Keep all your applications together.

  • Here you can keep track of jobs you’ve applied to, express apply and see the status of your application at different companies.

  • It also matches your resume to jobs you are qualified for.

JobFox - Literally search everywhere.

  • JobFox brings you listings from over 50 different job sites, so you’ll be casting a wide net.

  • Job Alerts notify you when a position opens that you would be interested in.

JobandTalent - Get matched with internships.

  • You create a profile and get notified when you’re matched with opportunities for internships or jobs.

  • Some employers recruiting through JobandTalent include MorganStanley, Nestle, Red Bull and Citi.

Campus Job - All students should be able to find the perfect job or internship. Now they can.

  • There's a wide range of job listings, including internships, dance instructors, and insurance operations analyst.

  • You can apply for most jobs using a Common App-style system.

Apploi - Find a service or support job.

  • Here you can discover and apply for jobs across the service and support fields, eliminating the need to look at individual companies' websites.

  • There’s also a mobile app!

You want to find a job that matches your specific skills

Matchpoint Careers - Identify your career strengths.

  • Through a few surveys, this site profiles your best skills, interests and ideal company culture and matches you with available positions.

  • The surveys test your quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning skills.

Whitetruffle - Get matched with a tech job.

  • This startup uses anonymous matching to help place job seekers with tech jobs. If you’re interested in a job in technology, create a profile here and Whitetruffle will notify you when interested companies like your profile.

  • This website is strictly matching, and your name and contact information are only shared when a company likes your profile.

AngelList - Find a job with a startup.

  • AngelList will help match you with positions available with startups, and you can change the status of your application to actively looking, just browsing or secret, where only companies who say "yes" to your profile will be able to see you.

  • There is also a mobile app!

Jobr - Job search from your phone.

  • After matching, employers can contact you straight through the app. This is great to search for jobs while on the go.

  • Jobr allows you to see the company at a glance and swipe left for no and right for yes...sound like any familiar dating sites?

Vettery - Stay organized through your job search process.

  • Vettery tracks and lists all of your applications and interviews to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

  • You can also upload a video cover letter.

You want a job in a specific location

JobCompass - See potential jobs mapped out.

  • After entering a keyword and zip code, see potential jobs plotted on a map.

  • This also helps plot exactly how far potential jobs are from your home, so you're not stuck with a crazy commute.

You want to make some quick cash

Gigwalk - Make extra cash while building a professional profile.

  • Find local contract work that matches your talents. It’s a great way to supplement your income, and doing good work will lead to good business recommendations.

  • Use the mobile app to see gigs mapped out in your area.

Snagajob - Search for hourly work.

  • Snagajob lets you search available hourly work by location, category, industry, position and company.

  • There’s also a search for seasonal jobs, if you want to pick up extra cash around the holidays.

HourlyNerd - If you’re an MBA and would like extra project work, look here.

  • This project-based consulting site lets you pick up extra work and complete it on your schedule.

  • American Apparel, Microsoft and Outward Bound have used HourlyNerd.

You’re looking for a non-corporate job

Idealist - Search for volunteer work, internships and full-time positions with nonprofit organizations.

  • If you want to work for a nonprofit, this site is a great way to avoid having to sift through postings elsewhere.

  • You can also use Idealist to search events in your area.

Escape the City - If you’re looking for a non-corporate opportunity, search here.

  • "Escape" doesn’t just mean by location - this site lets you search through exciting brands, entrepreneurial jobs, jobs with positive social impact and exciting locations.

  • This focuses more on what you want to do than what you have done in the past.

Photo credit: Caden Crawford