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Brian Acton


Brian Acton

Brian Acton

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Brian Acton is a contributing writer at Policygenius who covers personal finance, insurance, and other topics.

Published July 12, 2018|3 min read

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There’s a virtually endless supply of money-related content on the internet, but not all websites are created equal. To find the best sources of financial news and advice, follow the writers.

The best writers bring their personal spin to the topic of money. Here are 15 of our favorite financial bloggers and writers.

Bobby Hoyt, Millennial Money Man

Bobby Hoyt graduated college with $40,000 in student loan debt to start his career as a high school band teacher. He paid off his debt in two years, eventually quit teaching and started blogging about personal finance, side hustles and running a successful website full time. He also publishes a monthly income report for his websites and online businesses.

Penelope Trunk, PenelopeTrunk.com

Penelope Trunk is a full-time writer and entrepreneur who founded four startups. She has documented her career as a business owner, and shares career advice and inspirational content with a personal edge. She also shares stories from her family and personal life.

Joanna & Johnny Galbraith, Our Freaking Budget

The Galbraiths got married with no idea how to manage their finances, but worked to pay down their student debt and establish financial independence. They write about the realities of marriage, homeownership and raising a family on a budget. It’s perfect for young families working to achieve financial security.

Jae Jun, Old School Value

Old School Value offers a paid suite of investing software tools, but owner Jae Jun provides free investing advice and analysis on his blog. A good option for the seasoned value investor.

Jeff Rose, Good Financial Cents

Jeff Rose is a bestselling author, certified financial planner and CEO of a wealth management firm. He covers a wide variety of topics, including health insurance, credit cards, personal budgeting tips and long-term investment strategies.

Mike Piper, Oblivious Investor

This blog is perfect for beginners who want to get into value investing. Mike Piper covers investing in a simple, straightforward manner.

Michelle Singletary, The Color of Money

Michelle Singletary’s award-winning personal finance column, The Color of Money, appears in The Washington Post and newspapers nationwide. She offers advice on credit cards, credit scores, debt and many other personal finance topics. She also takes questions from readers.

Kimberly Blanton, Squared Away

If you want to save for retirement or retire early, Kimberly Blanton’s blog is for you. Blanton writes about saving for retirement and how it relates to issues like family finance or work-life balance. Her blog’s clean, uncluttered look is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Pete Adeney, Mr. Money Mustache

The Mr. Money Mustache blog is dedicated to living life on a budget, eliminating wasteful spending and focusing on happiness over material wealth. For those that want to spend less and save more, this is a great place to start.

David Carlson, Young Adult Money

On Young Adult Money, David Carlson and a team of bloggers cover the basics of personal finance in easily digestible articles. It’s a great fit for young people striving to develop money management skills.

David Lazarus, Consumer Confidential

David Lazarus is an award-winning columnist at the Los Angeles Times. His Consumer Confidential column covers business from a consumer’s point of view. According to the LA Times, Lazarus’s work has contributed to the introduction of several consumer protection laws.

Ruth Soukup, Living Well Spending Less

Ruth Soukup started Living Well Spending Less to write about her challenges with personal finance, and built it into a website devoted to wise money management. The site is geared toward busy moms who need practical money and family advice.

J.D. Roth, Get Rich Slowly

For those that want to set financial goals and work for them, Get Rich Slowly is a good read. It shows how to pay off debt, save for the future and work toward other long-term objectives. As the title implies, Roth believes these goals can be achieved via careful planning and consistency.

J. Money, Budgets Are Sexy

Budgets Are Sexy is a blog for younger people who want to get their finances together. J. Money (not his real name) writes about personal finance in a laid-back style.

Josh Hendrickson, The Everyday Economist

Looking to gain a better understanding of the economy? The Everyday Economist is a great place to start. Josh Hendrickson has been covering macroeconomics, trade agreements, politics, the gold standard and everything in between since 2007.

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