9 great (& inexpensive) gifts grads will love


Caroline Burke

Caroline Burke

Blog author Caroline Burke

Published May 14, 2018 | 3 min read

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Featured Image 9 great (& inexpensive) gifts grads will love

Struggling to find the perfect gift for that special graduate in your life? Finding one that will mean something and won't break the bank is a common frustration. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on graduation gifts. In fact, here are nine frugal graduation gift ideas.

1. Personalized jewelry

One of the best graduation gifts is a personalized piece of jewelry. You can get their name engraved or customize the piece with the name of the school they’re graduating from. Instead of heading to a jeweler chain, check out a local artist or even one on a site like Etsy. There's lot of cute jewelry out there that won't drain your wallet.

2. Coffeemaker

We all know buying coffee a few times a week is a huge money suck. So what better way to aid your graduate than to give them a convenient way to save? Some places even sell a basic coffeemaker for as low as $15. Well worth it for the reusable caffeine boost.

3. Homemade scrapbook

Get together photos from some of your favorite memories together or during their time in school and put them together in a book. Add captions or special notes to personalize it even more.

4. Picture frame

You can get this budget-friendly gift almost anywhere – from CVS to Anthropologie. Consider getting creative with the picture you choose to put in the frame. Maybe match the themes of the photo to the picture frame you buy. Or you can get a plain frame and decorate it yourself to give it an even more personal touch.

5. A Dr. Seuss book

Sure, it’s a bit of a cliché, but there's a reason for that. "Oh, the Places You’ll Go" is an exceptionally timely graduation gift. It’s funny, sentimental, hopeful and all-too-accurate about the feelings graduates are experiencing.

6. Planner

Your graduate will be glad they have this to keep track of upcoming interviews or meetings once they land a job. A lot of people may keep track of things on their phones, but writing things down can actually help you remember them better.

7. Gift certificate

Gift cards can be seen as inpersonal but it's good to get something your favorite graduate is excited to use. Plus, this gift is easy to transport if they're going to move after graduation. These can be to their favorite store or give them more options with a certificate to Amazon or a prepaid credit card.

The best part about graduation gifts like these? You can choose exactly how much you want to spend.

8. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity has risen over the past few years to become the go-to card game for millennials. Buy your graduate this game, and you’re set. It’s small to package that costs just $25. And the best part? It ensures you the label of “coolest gift.”

9. Laptop case

The year after graduation can be a hectic one — and you don't want them to add to that by damaging their technology, so a laptop case is a great idea for your graduate. Consider one that provides enough padding to ensure the laptop won’t get broken while getting jostled on the subway (or when they drop it walking up the stairs to their apartment).

A version of this article originally appeared on CentSai.

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