10 days left: Here's how many people haven't done their taxes



Myles Ma

Myles Ma

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Published April 5, 2019 | 1 min read

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More than a quarter of Americans have yet to file their taxes with only 10 days to go before the deadline.

26% of people said they hadn't filed yet, according to a new Policygenius survey, which was conducted from late Thursday to early Friday from a nationally representative sample of 1,053 people. (Learn why scammers love tax procrastinators.)

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The new tax law

For those who have filed already, 61% said it was easier than in previous years. President Donald Trump signed a tax reform law in 2017 and many of its changes are taking effect this tax season.

One of the biggest changes for the 2018 tax year is that the standard deduction has doubled in size, from $6,350 for an individual to $12,000. Taxpayers can now lower their taxable income in one of two major ways: by deducting individual items or by taking the standard deduction. Unless you expect to deduct more than the standard deduction, it's usually not worth it to itemize, which can often take longer. More than 34% of people took the standard deduction, according to the Policygenius survey.

Among all respondents, 16% said they were still unsure of how the new tax law would affect them. Aside from the standard deduction, taxpayers have had to contend with new tax brackets, the disappearance of several deductions, not to mention the government shutdown. (Read our guide to filing your 2018 taxes to get the rundown on the changes.)

Methodology: Policygenius commissioned SurveyMonkey to survey a nationally representative sample of 1,052 Americans from April 4 to April 5, 2019, with a margin of error of 3%.

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