Can I get instant life insurance quotes anonymously?

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Published June 28, 2016|3 min read

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It seems like there are more and more data breaches leaking our personal information these days, and that’s no surprise considering we’re putting more and more of our personal information online.

Addresses, credit cards, mother’s maiden name – why do we do this to ourselves?

It’s enough to make you want to quit the internet altogether, but at the same time, you want to get your instant life insurance quotes online. Which brings us to our next question: can you get instant life insurance quotes anonymously?

It’s definitely possible – provided you’re getting your quotes from the right place.

First, let’s review exactly what information you need to provide to get life insurance quotes: your health information, and your contact information.

We’ve gone in-depth about what this information means at the links above, but in short your health information, like family health history, smoking habits, and driving records, are used to determine how risky you are for the insurer to cover and, therefore, how expensive your monthly premiums will be; your contact information is so the agent, broker, or insurer can reach out to you for next steps after you get your quotes.

Your health information is important if you want accurate quotes (and who doesn’t?). Putting in wrong information means that when you go through the underwriting process, you’re classification will be a lot different than the initial estimation and your rates won’t match the original estimate.The good news about this health information is that it isn’t identifiable. You might be asked how many packs you smoke a day, or if your father died from cancer, but there’s no way to trace this back to you.

The contact information is another story. Some places require you to put in your phone number or email address, and that information is clearly more tied to you. Worse places won’t even let you see your quotes without entering this information, because they want to call you instead of giving you instant quotes. This might be because they want to upsell you on more expensive policies instead of just getting you the coverage that’s right for you, or because part of their business model includes collecting and reselling the phone numbers to third-party agents who will then try to sell you some insurance.

Other sites, like PolicyGenius, make providing your contact information an option, not a requirement. You’ll need to give an email address to save your quotes, and a phone number comes in handy if you want us to give you a call, obviously, but it’s your call. You can get quotes from America’s best-rated life insurers without giving any of that information.

The most important thing is giving you that choice. Getting instant life insurance quotes should be about removing all of the obstacles. Sometimes that means letting you go through the process, giving only the information you want, so you can do it at your own pace, and sometimes that means providing more information about you so you can talk to a professional about what policy is right for you.