Buying life insurance online

After getting your initial life insurance quote online, you can complete the rest of the application process online by getting no-medical exam life insurance.

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If your family depends on your income, life insurance is an important addition to your financial toolkit. A policy with the right amount of coverage ensures that your loved ones won’t struggle financially if you die prematurely. The best part — you can get life insurance coverage completely online. 

Most of the life insurance application process is done electronically. Although traditional life insurance has an in-person medical exam component, applicants who only want to purchase life insurance online have the option to do so with various no-medical-exam policies. Brighthouse and Lincoln Financial offer competitive no-medical-exam policies for individuals in good health. 

Key Takeaways

  • The life insurance application process can be completely contactless if you buy life insurance online.

  • To forgo the in-person part of the application process, you must meet certain requirements.

  • Buying life insurance online can be easy and cost-effective by working with an agent who will find the right policy for your profile.

Types of life insurance you can buy online

Applying for life insurance usually begins online, but then an in-person medical exam is required. However, if you want to avoid any in-person contact, it’s still possible to buy life insurance completely online by purchasing a no-medical-exam life insurance policy. 

No-medical-exam policies are designed for two types of people: those who have a low-risk health profile, and those who have a high-risk health profile. If an agent decides you qualify, you may be able to buy life insurance completely online with one of the following policies:

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How to apply for life insurance online

Buying life insurance online can be a relatively seamless process, though not everyone is eligible for online life insurance. An insurance agent will be able to recommend the right policy for you. 

1. Get life insurance quotes online

The first step in buying life insurance is getting preliminary quotes that give you an idea of how much you may pay. You will be asked about the following information:

  • Age

  • Gender 

  • Where you live

  • How much you earn

  • Your tobacco use

  • Treatments and medications

  • Your driving record

These factors have the biggest impact on how much you pay for life insurance.

To best prepare, have your medical and financial records on hand so that you can answer application questions to the best of your ability. Being honest will get you the most accurate life insurance quotes when shopping online. Insurers fact-check most of these details during the next steps in the application process, so if you aren’t upfront from the beginning, you may get higher than expected life insurance rates later. 

Check out our quoter tool to get your initial life insurance quotes: 

2. Speak to an agent

Even if you’re buying life insurance online, you still have to talk to an insurance agent about your personal history. During a phone call, you will go over all the personal details you initially disclosed, though in more detail. Additionally, the agent will work with you to determine what your specific life insurance needs are to ensure you get the right policy. 

3. Authorize the release of your records 

In order for insurers to verify the information you provided to them, they need to access your personal records, such as previous doctor visits or lab reports.

Certain laws and regulations protect your private data, so in order for them to do so, you’ll need to sign a HIPAA compliance waiver. This form will be sent to you electronically, and you will be able to authorize the release of your records online. Insurers cannot sell your data or use it for any purpose other than determining your life insurance premiums.  

4. Sign your final policy offer by DocuSign

After you receive a policy offer from the life insurance company, you will need to sign your policy documents electronically. Your coverage only becomes active after you’ve signed your online policy documents, meaning if you die beforehand, your family won’t get a death benefit payout.

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Where to get life insurance online

You can get life insurance online by working with a broker like Policygenius. After you submit your personal information and get an initial life insurance quote, a Policygenius agent will be in touch about next steps.

If you’re eligible, buying life insurance online is a seamless process. You’ll still have to hop on the phone with an insurance agent, but the process remains completely contactless. If an online life insurance policy isn’t the right option for you and an agent recommends traditional coverage, a majority of the buying process will still be conducted online and you will only be required to take a short in-person medical exam. 

Frequently asked questions

Can you buy life insurance online?

Yes. You can buy life insurance online by purchasing a no-medical exam life insurance policy. Depending on your profile, you can purchase either an accelerated underwriting life insurance policy or a final expense life insurance policy.

What is the best online life insurance?

The best online life insurance policy for you depends on your profile. Lincoln TermAccel and Brighthouse SimplySelect are the two most competitive policies offered by Policygenius at this time.

Can I buy life insurance without an agent?

No. You cannot buy life insurance without speaking to an agent. Talking to an agent is necessary because insurers need to evaluate your background to find the best policy options for you.