Best homeowners insurance in St. Louis

The average homeowners insurance rate in St. Louis is $2,736. Read our guide to the best companies, policy cost, and coverage considerations in St. Louis.

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Published March 27, 2020|4 min read

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Homeowners insurance is financial protection for your home, personal property, and additional living expenses in the event that your home is damaged or burglarized. Your homeowners policy also covers medical and legal expenses if you or someone in your household causes bodily injury or damage to someone else’s property.

Due to its geography of rolling prairies, shallow valleys, and floodplains, St. Louis has experienced its fair share of tornados, floods, and extreme thunderstorms. Missouri is one of the states that makes up the so-called “Tornado Alley” area of the United States, making St. Louis homeowners no stranger to the threat of weather damage. The city also experiences frequent thunderstorms around 40 to 50 times a year, some resulting in lightning strikes and even hail storms. Homeowners insurance does cover threats like hail damage and tornados, however, when it comes to flooding, a basic homeowners insurance policy will not cover flood damage.

If you’re a St. Louis homeowner, you’re going to want a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy that protects you from frequent severe weather and an insurer that has an efficient and transparent claims process.

Key Takeaways

  • The highest-rated home insurance company in St. Louis is USAA

  • The average annual premium for a home in St. Louis is $2,736

  • St. Louis residents should ensure their homes are fully insured and protected against severe weather disasters like tornadoes

Best homeowners insurance companies in St. Louis

In addition to cost, there are many factors you should consider when shopping around for homeowners insurance. You should look for an insurance company that has a good financial standing with credit agencies like A.M. Best. Customer service is also important — you want an insurance company you can trust — so you should check customer service and claims ratings with J.D. Power. Also consider looking for a homeowners insurance company that offers enhanced home rebuild protection like extended replacement or guaranteed replacement cost, this type of coverage will offer more protection than the standard replacement cost coverage.

The table below looks at the 10 most popular insurers (companies with the highest market share) in Missouri, along with respective A.M. Best ratings, J.D. Power ratings, and Policygenius full-scale company ratings. Here’s more information about the Policygenius home insurance reviews methodology.

CompanyA.M. Best RatingJ.D. Power ScorePolicygenius rating
American FamilyA3/5N/A
Automobile Club GroupA-3/5N/A
Shelter InsuranceA+N/AN/A
State FarmA++4/58

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Average homeowners insurance rates in St. Louis

The average annual cost of homeowners insurance in St. Louis is $2,736, according to Policygenius quotes. That makes rates in St. Louis higher than the Missouri statewide average of $1,285, but keep in mind that home construction costs tend to be higher in population-dense cities like St. Louis.

As you can see, the cheapest area to insure your home is Crestwood, while Ladue has by far the highest rates, according to our quotes.

Popular residential neighborhood (ZIP Code)Average annual premium
Compton Heights (63104)$2,949
St. Louis Place (63106)$2,231
Central West End (63108)$2,713
Central West End (63110)$1,431
Woodhine Heights (63122)$1,742
Ladue (63124)$6,053
Crestwood (63126)$1,269
Concord (63128)$3,502

St. Louis homeowners insurance guide

Due to its frequent tornadoes and extreme storms, homeowners insurance is essential protection for the 69.7% of homeowners living in Missouri. According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2018 Missouri experienced 48 tornadoes, ranking Missouri as number eight on the list of states with the most tornadoes in the U.S. In 2011, a tornado hit Joplin, Missouri, and resulted in the nation’s second costliest tornado (based on insured losses).

Additionally, hail and thunderstorm damage can also result in property damage for homeowners in St. Louis. You can protect yourself from these common perils with additional policy coverage like replacement cost contents coverage, which ensures you will be fully reimbursed for your losses.

St. Louis homeowners should also look into adding endorsements for floods or purchasing separate flood insurance policies, either through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or a private insurer.

Since St. Louis experiences hail storms, you should check with your insurance company to see how roof damage is covered, or if roofs past a certain age are covered at all. Roofs can be expensive to replace, and your insurer may only agree to replace your roof up to its depreciated value. That said, many insurance companies offer roof replacement endorsements that you can add to your policy for additional coverage.

One last piece of advice: If you take extra safety measures to prevent threats like theft, say by installing a burglary alarm or deadbolt lock, your insurance company may offer you discounts for taking these extra precautions. Fortifying your home shows your insurer that you are responsible and a lower risk for filing a claim.

Is homeowners insurance required in St. Louis?

Homeowners insurance is not required by law in St. Louis, but most mortgage lenders will require that you get homeowners insurance and maintain coverage throughout the duration of the mortgage.

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