Best homeowners insurance in Denver

Your guide to the best homeowners insurance companies in Denver, the cost of coverage by ZIP code, and special considerations for Denver homeowners.

Homeowners insurance is important and lender-required protection for your home, your personal property, and your combined assets in the event your property is damaged or you’re sued because of an accident. If you’re one of the nearly 200,000 Denver residents who owns a home, you’ll want to make sure you have a good homeowners insurance policy with a reputable company.

Keep reading for our guide to the best homeowners insurance in Denver, or check out our complete guide on homeowners insurance in Colorado.

The best homeowners insurance companies in Denver

When comparing policies, pay special attention to companies’ financial strength, the depth of coverage for standard policies, customer service ratings with J.D. Power and Consumer Reports, and the number of discounts offered.

Of the insurers offered by Policygenius, we determined the most affordable homeowners insurance company in Denver was Hippo. Hippo quoted an average annual premium of around $1,350. MetLife had the highest rates, with an average annual premium of $3,650.

Insurance companyAverage annual premium

Methodology: Average annual premium for each insurance company was calculated using Policygenius quoting data.

Denver homeowners insurance prices by ZIP code

When determining your homeowners insurance premium, companies factor in things like your coverage amounts, the makeup, build and age of your home, your credit score, and where your home is located.

Among the areas where Denver homeowners submitted quotes with Policygenius, the best deal on coverage was in the 80219 ZIP code, with a $1,550 average annual premium. The highest quoted rates were for homes in the 80220 ZIP code with a $3,075 average annual premium.

ZIP codeAverage annual premium

Methodology: Average annual premium for each ZIP code was calculated using Policygenius quoting data.

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Denver homeowners insurance rates by coverage amount

Your coverage amounts are directly impacted by how much coverage you have. Your home’s insured value or dwelling coverage amount should be equal to the rebuild cost of the home so that you’re fully insured in the event your house burns down.

Here is the average rate for three different coverage levels for a home in Denver.

Coverage amountAverage annual premium

Methodology: Average annual premium for each ZIP code was calculated using Policygenius quoting data.

Special considerations for Denver residents

Wind and hail deductibles

Although homeowners insurance covers damage caused by tornado and hail damage, it’s pretty standard for insurance companies in Denver to require a separate wind and hail deductible before they’ll reimburse you for damage caused by those perils.

Your insurance company will give you the option of choosing your wind and hail deductible amount. They’ll also typically give you the option of leaving the deductible off your policy altogether for a cheaper premium. Keep in mind that wind and hail damage is typically excluded from your policy if you forego this deductible.

Property crime

In addition to protecting your home against bad weather and natural disasters, homeowners insurance also covers you from human-induced loss like theft and arson.

Denver actually has one of the highest property crime rates among major cities in the country, averaging around 3,700 reported offenses per 100,000 residents annually—almost double the national average.

When setting up your policy, pay close attention to the portion of your coverage that reimburses you for damage or theft of personal belongings. Certain items—like jewelry, furs, art, and instruments—are only covered up to a certain limit for theft losses and may need additional coverage depending on their value.

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