Best home and auto insurance for 2021

The top home and auto insurance bundle in 2021 belongs to Progressive, a company that provides a significant bundling discount with excellent coverage and bundling perks.

Bundling home and auto insurance is one of the most effective and convenient ways to maximize your savings on these two important pieces of financial protection. Most major insurance companies will discount your rates by as much as hundreds of dollars annually if you bundle coverage for your home and car, but some insurers offer more savings potential and better all around coverage than others. 

If you’re looking for the best insurance companies for both home and auto in 2021 , you’ve come to the right place. Customers have saved an average of 35% annually over their old rates after re-shopping with Policygenius. Read our guide to the best companies for both home and auto insurance as well as how to make the switch and cancel your current policy. 

Key Takeaways

  • With a 30% discount on home and auto insurance and several bundling perks, Progressive is the best company for bundling home and auto in 2021

  • In addition to cost considerations, when comparing bundles you’ll want to consider the quality of coverage that you’re getting, customer and financial ratings for each insurer, and bundling perks

  • There are several benefits to bundling home and auto insurance, including savings, convenient billing and policy management, and insurability

Best home and auto insurance bundles in 2021

While most major insurance providers offer sizable discounts for bundling your home and auto insurance, some insurers excel in certain areas more than others. We found Progressive to be the best overall home and auto insurance bundle in 2021 for both savings potential and coverage perks, but if you’re looking for significant savings on home insurance in particular, Encompass may be the best company to bundle with. 

  • Progressive: Best overall home and auto insurance bundle

  • Chubb: Best bundle for high-value homes

  • Encompass: Best bundle for home insurance discounts

  • Stillwater: Best bundle for auto insurance discounts

  • USAA: Best bundle for U.S. military personnel and their families

Save up to $1,055 when you bundle

Customers who re-shop their home & auto bundles with Policygenius save big compared to their existing policies. Get your free quotes today and see how much you can save.

Progressive: Best overall home and auto insurance bundle

Best Overall Home and Auto Insurance Bundle



Policygenius rating

PG rating

Progressive logo

One of the largest insurers out there, Progressive provides a whole host of affordable coverage options and discounts. But they don’t directly handle claims.


  • Affordable policies

  • Excellent web and mobile interface

  • Offers extended replacement cost coverage


  • Quality of claims handling may vary

  • Perks are limited

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Progressive offers the best home and auto insurance bundle for those looking for both affordable coverage and bundling perks. The property insurance giant will discount your rates up to 30% if you bundle your home and car insurance and provides unbeatable perks like a single deductible on claims involving both your car and house.

Chubb: Best bundle for high-value homes

Best for Bundling High Value Homes and Cars



Policygenius rating

PG rating

Chubb logo

Chubb is a premier insurance company that offers just about every kind of protection you need to protect your home and combined assets, but insurance with Chubb can be expensive and only really intended for high net-worth properties.


  • Industry-best coverage and policy perks

  • Deductible waived if loss is greater than $50,000

  • Cash-out claim settlement options


  • Insurance premiums among highest in the industry

  • Will only insure high-net-worth property

  • No quick-quote option through the Chubb website

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If you own a high-value home (insurance value greater than $500,000), look no further than Chubb for bundling your home and auto insurance. Chubb policies tend to be pricier than that of other insurance companies, but their potential 20% discount on home and auto insurance should help cut into that premium a little.

Encompass: Best bundle for home insurance discounts

Best for Bundling Discounts



Policygenius rating

PG rating

Encompass logo

Encompass provides extensive policy options and discount opportunities if you bundle home and auto. Otherwise, rates could be pretty high.


  • Variety of customizable policy options

  • Solid discount selection

  • Several unique, standout features

  • Accepts all dog breeds


  • Premiums may be high

  • Not available in all states

  • No instant quote tool

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Encompass is one of our highest rated insurers for coverage, but we’ve also found that they charge an arm and a leg for homeowners insurance — that is, if you don’t bundle your home and auto policies. By bundling your home and car insurance with Encompass, we’ve found that you can save up to 30% on your home insurance policy alone (and around 5% on your auto premium). 

Stillwater: Best bundle for auto insurance discounts

Best for Bundling Discounts



Policygenius rating

PG rating

Stillwater logo

Stillwater offers customizable policies for most types of homes, and will even cover you if you didn't have prior insurance. But their coverages and digital tools could be better.


  • Will insure homeowners with subpar credit and prior policy lapses

  • Multiple discounts available

  • Easy-to-customize policies


  • Few digital tools

  • Limited coverage options

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If you’re looking for a steep auto insurance bundling discount, Stillwater is the insurance company for you. Drivers can save up to 25% on car insurance premiums by bundling with Stillwater. There is one downside to bundling with Stillwater, however: they route you to a different company (Plymouth Rock) for auto insurance, so they don’t exactly score points in the “convenience” category of bundling.

USAA: Best bundle for U.S. military personnel and their families

Best for the U.S. Military and Their Families



Policygenius rating

PG rating

USAA  logo

USAA features comprehensive home coverage and superior customer service at industry-leading rates, but only for members of the U.S. military and their families.


  • Excellent customer service and claims ratings

  • Industry-leading financial ratings

  • Several discounts to choose from


  • Only available to people affiliated with the military

  • No replacement cost coverage option for dwelling

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U.S. military personnel, veterans, and their families can save up to 10% bundling their home and auto insurance with USAA. Additionally, USAA offers unbeatable coverage and customer service, so the pricier premiums and lower discount potential may be worth it. 

Comparing the top home and auto insurance bundling discounts

Here’s a look at how much you can save by bundling home and auto insurance with different insurers offered through Policygenius.

CompanyBundling discountPolicygenius ratingA.M. Best Rating
AllstateUp to 25%7.4A+
ChubbUp to 20%8A++
EncompassUp to 35%8.3A+
MercuryUp to 15%7.2A
MetlifeUp to 22%6.5A+
NationwideUp to 20%7.7A+
Plymouth RockUp to 30%8A-
ProgressiveUp to 30%6.6A+
SafecoUp to 25%7.3A
StillwaterUp to 35%7.6A-
TravelersUp to 20%7.7A++

Bear in mind that bundling discount amounts and availability will differ from state-to-state. The percentages in the above chart indicate an average and not necessarily the amount you’ll save on coverage. Bundling averages were provided by Policygenius agents and partnering insurers.

Is it better to combine home and auto insurance?

Along with potentially significant savings on home and auto insurance, bundling also comes with perks that you don’t get if you insure your home and car with separate insurance companies. 

Here are five reasons why it’s better to combine your home and auto insurance with a single insurer.

  1. You can save up to 35% on what you were paying before for home and auto insurance. Policygenius customers have actually saved an average of $1,250 compared to what they were paying under their old plan.

  2. Bundling often comes with single deductible claims , meaning you only have to pay one deductible for a claim involving both your home and car. If you have home and auto insurance through two different insurers (or through a company that doesn’t offer this bundling perk), you have to pay separate deductibles for claims involving your home and car, even if the damage or loss was a result of the same event.

  3. You live in a high-risk home. You might have a difficult time getting your house insured if it’s located in an area prone to natural disasters or property crime. However, insurance companies may be more lenient if you’re shopping for home and auto bundles. If you’re having trouble finding coverage, consider bundling your home and car insurance.

  4. Bundling provides the convenience of only having to pay one bill to one insurance company. When you bundle policies, most insurers will combine your home and auto insurance premium into one convenient bill, among other time-saving perks. 

  5. Combining your home and auto insurance makes your insurance company less likely to cancel your coverage. As a show of appreciation for your loyalty, your insurance company will be more inclined to retain you as a customer if you use them for multiple lines of coverage. Certain reasons for policy cancellation — like filing too many claims or living in a high-risk home — may be ignored by your insurer if you bundle your home and auto insurance.

However, be sure not to bundle policies just for the sake of bundling. In some cases, you may find that mixing and matching with different insurers produces better coverage and rates. But in the majority of instances, bundling is the way to go.

How to bundle your home and auto insurance

Many people perceive bundling to be a complicated process that requires too much time and commitment to be worth the trouble — this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bundling home and auto insurance can actually be a fast and seamless process if you do it right. 

When you get a quote through an independent agent or marketplace like Policygenius, simply indicate that you’re interested in bundling your home and auto insurance. After inputting all of the necessary information, you’ll be provided quotes where you can compare bundle packages from multiple companies as well as your current home and auto insurance. 

If you already have home and auto insurance, be sure to give your current insurer a heads up in advance of your new policies going into effect. Make sure your current policies’ end dates are the same day that your new coverage goes into effect — this will help you avoid a lapse in coverage. If you paid your policy premiums for the year upfront with your current insurer and you cancel in the middle of your term, your insurer should issue you a full refund for the unused portion of the policy period.  

Frequently asked questions

How can I lower my home insurance rates?

In addition to bundling discounts, there are several other ways to lower your rates as well, including increasing your policy deductible, installing a security system in your home, re-shopping your rates with multiple companies, maintaining good credit, and making your home disaster resistant.

Can you bundle renters and auto insurance?

Yes, several major insurers — including Allstate, Progressive, and Travelers — offer multi-policy discounts if you combine your renters or other residential property insurance types with an auto insurance policy.

Which insurance company is best at paying claims?

Among insurers that allow you to bundle home and auto insurance, MetLife is the best when it comes to claims satisfaction. The New Jersey-based insurance company placed first in J.D. Power’s 2021 Property Claims Satisfaction Study, and fifth in its 2020 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study.