What type of plans does Policygenius offer?

Everything you need to know about the health insurance plans offered by Policygenius.

What you need to know

Policygenius offers every plan on the federal marketplace (Healthcare.gov) or your state marketplace if applicable. Policygenius also offers "off-exchange" plans. Off-exchange plans still adhere to the consumer protections laid out in the Affordable Care Act, including the ten essential benefits, but may be structured differently than plans on the exchange.

Taken together, this means that Policygenius offers more health insurance plans than any government marketplace available.

Because PolicyGenius offers off-exchange plans, we may be able to find a plan for you that is more affordable than a marketplace plan and from a company that otherwise does not sell insurance on the marketplace.

Policygenius offers health insurance plans at every metal tier: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and catastrophic (if you qualify). Policygenius also offers HMOs, PPOs, EPOs, and POS plans when they are available in your market. If you qualify for a premium subsidy, we can get you that as well.

Our tools help narrow down the wide variety of plans available to a specific set of recommendations based on the features you prioritize. Our goal is to offer the widest set of plans available so that we have more to work with when building out your recommended plans.

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