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Long-term disability insurance replaces your income if you're unable to work because of injury or illness.

Long-term means more than 30 days. For disabilities shorter than that, you should rely on your savings and any short-term disability coverage you may have through your employer.

Long-term disability insurance is not the same as long-term care insurance.

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Long-term disability insurance is different from long-term care insurance

The similar names can be confusing, but it's important to understand that these are totally separate insurance products. Disability insurance is a safety net for your paycheck: if you're out of work due to an extended illness or injury and your policy kicks in, you'll receive a portion of your normal income to help cover regular bills. Long-term care insurance, on the other hand, pays for home-health or nursing expenses, beyond what health insurance covers. Many candidates considering disability insurance would also benefit from long-term care coverage.

A side by side comparison

Long-term disability
Long-term care
Pays monthly benefit if you're unable to work
Pays for home health assistance or nursing home
Cash benefit to help cover regular bills
Can help protect your savings if you suffer from a long-term health condition or injury

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