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On the Policygenius Product team, we’re creating innovative solutions to help more Americans get the financial protection they need — from online shopping experiences to operations software that helps drive best-in-class customer experience. We hire the best and brightest, give people as much scope as they can handle, and glorify shipping and impact.

Who we are

Picture of Eva Poon

Eva Poon

Senior Product Manager

This one time I...solo backpacked through Germany for a month. It was AWESOME.

Picture of Jason Mueller

Jason Mueller

Senior Director of Estate Planning & Member Engagement

This one time I...opened up automated quinoa bowl restaurants in SF, NY, and LA.

Picture of Paolo Padiernos

Paolo Padiernos

Principal Product Manager

This one time in a yelling match with JR Smith on the basketball court.

Picture of Zoe Zese

Zoe Zese

Senior Product Manager

This one time I...shaved my head. Actually, I shaved it two times.

What we've been up to

Q: What are you most excited about for 2022?


A: There is lot to be excited about in 2022 from a product perspective! A few areas to highlight include:

  • Personalizing our buying experiences for the different types of customers that visit Policygenius
  • Continuing to add proprietary life insurance products to our platform
  • Investing in our account experience to provide more opportunities for our customers to come back and update their protection portfolio as their needs change
  • Extending the software we have built to allow external insurance distributors to offer their customers a world class experience

Q: What’s a unique tradition your team has?


A: Bi-weekly, the product teams present out to the company on the impact their team has delivered or lessons they’ve been learning. Not only do we celebrate the features we ship, but it’s equally important to showcase to the company how this work is leading to impact for the business. This is a great opportunity for our product teams to get recognition for the work they’re doing and something everyone looks forward to attending

Q: How are you different from product teams at other companies?


A: At Policygenius we like to give product managers ownership of large areas of our product. For example, our life growth team owns the entire online funnel for life insurance, not just one page in the funnel. This allows our teams to think more holistically about the product strategy and the experiences we develop for our customers. This ultimately leads to better outcomes for our customers and more growth opportunities for our product managers.

Q: What problem is the Product team working to solve?


A: We're currently working on building products that go beyond the insurance we offer today. We're working towards becoming the go-to independent destination for all your financial advice and needs.

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What we're saying and doing


The Design team is focused on solving some of our toughest customer problems. Our goal is to de-risk what we build, before we build it.

Who we are

Picture of Alberto Camacho

Alberto Camacho

Senior Product Designer

This one time I...drove across the country in 4 days! Running from a tornado in Nebraska in the morning, only to hit a storm down the Rio Grande in the evening.

Picture of Leigh-Ann Bartsch

Leigh-Ann Bartsch

Director of Product Design

This one time I...had dinner and drinks with Kevin Durant and DeAndre Jordan in Rio.

Picture of Natalie Colburn

Natalie Colburn

Lead Designer

This one time I...passed Craig Robinson on the street and he made smoochy faces at my dog.

Picture of Rick Ortman

Rick Ortman

User Research Lead

This one time I...did a 5-day solo backpacking trip.

What we've been up to

Q: What are you most excited about for 2022?


Q: The upcoming year has many great design challenges and new opportunities coming our way. From crafting experiences that provide a comprehensive look at a customer's path to financial protection, realizing many self-service models between shoppers and business partners, and continuing to build our design system to ensure we're not solving the same problem twice, we've got some fun work ahead!

Q: How do Design team members make an impact on the business?


A: Whether by making jobs easier for sales and operations partners or empowering our customers to make the best choices for their life needs, our discovery and solution activities continually push our business forward by identifying unknowns, recognizing new business opportunities, and making things that were once difficult to perform, much easier.

Q: What does a typical career path look like on the Design team?


A: Every designer has the freedom and opportunity to grow in their career at Policygenius. We have two types of career paths on the Product Design team—individual contributor and management. Both tracks are crucial to the success of our design team.

Q: How are you different from Product Design teams at other companies?


A: Designers at Policygenius are more than just in-house Figma experts. From product discovery through delivery, we are empowered to partner with product, engineering, and operations to identify challenges, explore and quantify opportunities, and drive customer and business impact.

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What we're saying and doing