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The People team is the anchor of Policygenius’ values and culture and comprises People Operations & HRBPs, Employee Experience, and Learning & Development. Together we oversee all aspects of the employee experience, from onboarding to leadership support to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The team helps to shape a talent-dense, inclusive organization by creating and protecting a culture of growth and development, empowering employees to take the wheel on their development, and providing a safe space for everyone to do their best work. 

Who we are

Picture of Becca Goland-Van Ryn

Becca Goland-Van Ryn

Senior Manager of People Operations

This one time I...completed a Half Ironman triathlon, it took me almost 8 hours and I've never been so exhausted in my life!

Picture of Ross Greenberg

Ross Greenberg

Employee Experience Lead

This one time I...was featured in a viral ad campaign for Heineken. (You *might* be able to find it on the internet somewhere...)

Picture of Sandy Afamasaga

Sandy Afamasaga

Lead Executive Assistant

This one time I...took a 24 hour bus ride from Lima to Cuzco (Peru), it was the worst bus ride. Until I had to ride it all the way back!

Picture of Sara Birch

Sara Birch

Office Coordinator

This one time I...took a wrong turn in Northern India and stumbled upon the Dalai Lama's birthday party.

What we've been up to

Q: What's the biggest problem your team is solving?


A: Building for scale! To match our growth and deliver on our mission, we are focused on building the best foundation across our pillars of Operational Excellence, DEI, Employee Experience, Talent Density, and the Future of Work.

Q: What makes a People team member successful?


To be successful on our People Team, you must be flexible and happy to lean into many different roles. As the company experiences great change and growth, our team members depend on each other to better support Pg as a whole. Living our Pg Values is also an important part of the job! Helping folks to understand how to lean into these values when problem solving, making tough decisions or leading their team through change is crucial to our individual, team, and company success.

Q: Why did you join the People team at Policygenius?


A: “I joined the People team at Pg for two reasons. First, the work: our team is in a unique position to create an industry-leading HRBP function at a growing organization and I wanted to be a part of that building process. Second, the values: from the very first interview, I felt the values of Pg shine through and that theme has continued throughout my time here. Values lead every decision we make and having that foundation gives me confidence and pride in my work.” - Daniel Wright, HR Business Partner

What we're saying & doing

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The Recruiting team is responsible for hiring top-notch talent to Policygenius. We partner with hiring teams across the company to ensure we’re fairly and efficiently evaluating job-seekers while delivering on an exceptional candidate experience and meeting our ambitious growth goals for the business.

Who we are

Picture of Christina Seymour

Christina Seymour

Recruiting Coordinator

This one time I...met Chrissy Teigen and baby Luna on Rodeo Drive.

Picture of Daniel Grove

Daniel Grove

Senior Technical Recruiting Manager

This one time I...followed Carly Rae Jepsen around and saw her in concert 4 times in seven days.

Picture of Kristin Johnson

Kristin Johnson

Recruiting Manager

This one time I...was tricked into eating sheep intestine by a Maasai warrior while volunteering in Tanzania. I quickly learned it was not "sausage".

Picture of Melissa Perez

Melissa Perez

Senior Recruiter

This one time I...chased down Derek Jeter's car as he left Yankee Stadium to ask him to sign a baseball for my dad - and he did!

What we've been up to

Q: What does Mentorship look like on the Recruiting Team?


A: The Recruiting team has grown a lot over the last few years and we’re excited to offer team members both formal and informal opportunities for mentorship. Once a quarter, we’ve implemented a “shadow week” where folks on the team can opt in to shadow a recruiter in their day-to-day work, including pitch calls, offer calls, and hiring manager meetings. We also hold a monthly “learning series” where team members share different areas of expertise with the broader recruiting team. Additionally, we’ve opened up all of our recruiting sub-team meetings so anyone on the team can pop in to learn about what other folks are working on.

Q: What’s a unique tradition the Policygenius Recruiting team has?


A: Our team holds weekly standups on Monday morning to talk through our TOMs (“top of minds”, or priorities) for the week in order to get a glimpse into what our peers are working on and hold each other accountable. On Friday afternoons, we regroup to celebrate our wins and help problem-solve any blockers as a team. We love kicking off our Friday meetings with an amusing icebreaker, which helps us build camaraderie, learn random facts about our teammates, and laugh together.

Q: What was the team's biggest accomplishment last year?


A: In early 2020, our team banded together to seamlessly transition to the unprecedented state of remote interviewing. Through problem-solving, flexibility, and extra communication with our candidates, we’ve been able to tackle the unique challenges that occur when conducting Zoom interviews while doubling in headcount. (We made over 300 hires in 2020 alone.)

Q: How has your career grown since joining Pg


A: “I started at Pg as a Recruiting Coordinator. From my first day, my manager chatted with me about my career aspirations and helped me get the exposure I needed to reach my goal of becoming a Recruiter. I am constantly learning from everyone around me, and given opportunities to explore avenues of recruiting that I wasn’t familiar with before.” - Julia Chan, Recruiter

What we're saying & doing

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