7 tools to make a creative résumé


Adam Cecil

Adam Cecil

Former Staff Writer

Adam Cecil is a former staff writer for Policygenius, a digital insurance brokerage trying to make sense of insurance for consumers. He is a podcast producer, writer, and video maker based in Brooklyn, NY.

Published November 6, 2014|2 min read

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Writing a resume is harder today than it ever has been. Most companies use software to filter out resumes and cover letters that don’t have the right keywords. And even if you do get your resume in front of a real human being, all they see is a white piece of paper with the same margins and fonts as everyone else. How is yours going to stand out from the crowd?

Get creative. Okay, okay, we know it’s easier said than done. But that’s why we put together this list of the best resume creation tools on the web. With these easy to use tools, you have no excuse for not having a beautiful and creative resume ready at a moment’s notice.

Ruby the PolicyGenius pup's resume from VisualCV.


https://www.visualcv.comOur Take: While the design uses a standard resume as a base, it allows you to add a visual portfolio directly into your CV. Ideal for photographers or visual artists.Format: Your resume lives on the web as a responsive web page. You can share the URL or embed it on your own website. It can also be exported to PDF.Price: Free to host. One design for free, others cost $38 each or you unlock them all with a $3/month subscription.


https://represent.ioOur Take: Minimalist resume designed for the responsive web. Easy social sharing and analytics make up the back end.Format: Your resume lives on the web as a responsive web page. You can share the URL or export it to PDF.Price: $9.99/year subscription. No free trial, but there is a demo dashboard you can try.


https://about.meOur Take: Designed as a single landing page for all of your social media profiles, blogs, and websites. Great for people who want a single repository for all the stuff they have on the internet.Format: Web page. You can also make free, physical business cards based on your profile, or share a digital business card with their Intro app.Price: Free for all essential features. $4/month subscription with pro features like custom domains and Google analytics.


http://resumup.com/Our Take: Similar to vizualize.me, turns any LinkedIn profile into charts and graphs. ResumUP includes more information in your infographic, however, including achievements and hobbies.Format: Web page. Can be exported into text, image, and pdf files.Price: Free for basic web hosting. Two premium tiers: a) $36/year or $15/month and b) $48/year or $20/month. Premium tier required for exporting.


http://zerply.comOur Take: LinkedIn for creative talent in the TV, film, and games industries. Invitation only. Lets you build your portfolio into your resume.Format: Web page.Price: Free. They make money by charging recruiters to post job openings.

Resume Designer Pro

http://www.tryvin.com/app/resume-designer-pro/Our Take: Spruce up your traditional resume with this iOS app. Plug in your info, choose a theme, and personalize the details.Format: Export to PDF. Integrated with most cloud storage providers.Price: $6.99, Universal App for iPhone and iPad.Photo: Anne Rudanovski