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Growth Marketing

We drive marketing and advertising to familiarize customers with Policygenius and grow our business. The Growth team encompasses customer acquisition, retention, media relations, and strategy & growth.

Who we are

Picture of Brooke Niemeyer

Brooke Niemeyer

Associate Director of Media Relations

This one time I...won a dance off on a cruise ship. Ask me about my trophy.

Picture of Dov Breatross

Dov Breatross

Senior Acquisition Marketing Manager

This one time I...visited Toronto & forgot my green card in NJ. Had it mailed to me so I could get back, but when I got back home to NJ I realized I'd left my drivers license in Toronto!

Picture of Gabriel Asman

Gabriel Asman

Senior Acquisition Marketing Associate

This one time I...dyed my hair green for a Green Day concert.

Picture of Sara Yamamoto

Sara Yamamoto

CRM Marketing Manager

This one time I...was on Mad TV and played Andy Dick's adopted daughter.

What we've been up to

Q: What makes a Growth Marketing team member successful?

A: The Growth team is always looking for folks who are both right- and left-brained, and who can balance strong analytical skills with creative ideas to help take Policygenius to the next level.

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What we're saying and doing

Brand Marketing

The Brand team is responsible for defining and growing the Policygenius brand. We conceptualize and execute all advertising and marketing communications to ensure a best-in-class experience for our customers across every touchpoint.

Who we are

Picture of Diane Ly

Diane Ly

Senior Copywriter

This one time I...fell asleep at a karaoke bar in Tokyo. #jetlag

Picture of Laura Reineke

Laura Reineke

Senior Brand Manager

This one time I...skipped my college graduation to attend the Tony Awards.

Picture of Michael Gray

Michael Gray

Brand Design Director

This one time I...ran the New York City marathon.

Picture of Phil Blackowl

Phil Blackowl

Senior Marketing Designer

This one time I...taught the mother from Edward Scissorhand how to use her iPhone.

What we've been up to

Q: What's the biggest challenge facing your team?

A: From our digital products to all sorts of advertising, we have more ground to cover than ever before. We're always on the lookout for highly skilled, collaborative people who can help us push our brand forward and scale our impact in equal measure.

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What we're saying and doing


The Content team is dedicated to making complex personal finance topics easy to understand — and fun to read about!

Who we are

Picture of Anna Swartz

Anna Swartz

Managing Editor

This one time I...cried at a commercial for a washer/dryer. It was very touching!

Picture of Colin Lalley

Colin Lalley

Associate Director of SEO Content

This one time I...played a one-on-one game against a professional basketball player (and lost).

Picture of Nupur Gambhir

Nupur Gambhir

Senior Editor

This one time I...went to get a coffee and accidentally walked from Switzerland to France.

Picture of Simon Lu

Simon Lu

Head of SEO

This one time I...bent down on one knee behind a peaceful looking alligator basking in the Florida sunshine for a close up photo. A passerby told me what I did was stupid, because the gator can jump six feet into the air and use its tail to whack my head off!

What we've been up to

Q: What's the biggest problem the team is solving?

A: We want to help people make informed decisions about financial protection, but to do so, our content has to stand out in a sea of search results, social posts, and more. We’re continually looking for innovative ways to educate, entertain, and engage readers with an eye toward turning them into Policygenius customers.

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What we're saying and doing

Business Development

The Business Development team is responsible for establishing and expanding revenue-driving partnerships at Policygenius through a multi-faceted focus that spans consumer partners, strategic partners, and carrier/supply-side partners.

Who we are

Picture of Andy Baxter

Andy Baxter

Business Development Account Manager

This one time I...tried to punch Mickey Mouse in the nose at Disney World when I was a baby.

Picture of Ben Fruin

Ben Fruin

Director of Business Development

This one time I...was on the show Impractical Jokers.

Picture of Juliana Barrett

Juliana Barrett

Business & Corporate Development Manager

This one time I...scored the winning touch for the South African fencing team at the African Games in Congo-Brazzaville.

Picture of Lauren McKinzie

Lauren McKinzie

Senior Business Development Account Manager

This one time I... received life advice from actor Mike Meyers in the West Village.

What we've been up to

Q: What were your biggest accomplishments last year?

A: In 2020, our team helped secure a unique partnership with Brighthouse Financial to launch an accelerated-underwriting term life insurance policy option exclusive to our marketplace. The launch happened to coincide with the height of the COVID pandemic, when in-home medical exams typically required for underwriting were limited or suspended — and meant Policygenius was able to help people get covered when they needed it most.

What we're saying and doing