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The clients we serve are the other departments within Policygenius. We help to illuminate the dollars and cents behind everything we do, and we collaborate with teams to leverage financial data to improve business decision-making. This can include everything from accounting to financial planning and analysis — we do it all!

Who we are

Picture of Betty Ng

Betty Ng

Assistant Controller

This one time I...hiked up to a peak for five hours in Sri Lanka to catch the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen!

Picture of Billy Parks

Billy Parks

Director of Accounting

This one time I...spent hours stranded on a dock with Meg Ryan while we waited for a very late boat taxi. Just us. Not a word was spoken.

Picture of Nema Arvin

Nema Arvin

Senior Analyst FP&A

This one time I...visited a remote waterfall in Thailand and ended up getting stranded in the countryside when our taxi driver didn't wait for us and left.

Picture of Taylor Burchett

Taylor Burchett

Sr. Accounting Associate

This one time I...fulfilled my lifelong dream of eating a croque monsieur in Paris. On a street corner facing the Eiffel Tower. It was magical.

What we've been up to

Q: What were the team's biggest accomplishments last year?

A: As we've expanded, we've added all types of talent to our team so that each one of us can learn from one another. We've also implemented software like Expensify, NetSuite, and Adaptive to improve efficiency. We cannot wait to welcome more new team members to the Pg family!

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What we're saying and doing

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At Policygenius, the Legal & Compliance team helps other teams to work smarter, not harder. We embed within cross-functional projects from start to finish, providing practical, business-oriented legal advice that protects the company and empowers our colleagues to meet their goals. We also ensure that team members are properly trained and licensed to sell insurance.

Who we are

Picture of Bryan Salvadore

Bryan Salvadore

Licensing Specialist

This one time I...thought I was a model and walked in NYFW.

Picture of Hasan Hoque

Hasan Hoque

Licensing & Compliance Manager

This one time I...caught Adam Levine's guitar pick after he threw it into the audience and it hit me in the face.

Picture of Kathryn Rutigliano

Kathryn Rutigliano

Associate Director of Legal & Compliance

This one time I...drove a team of former Iditarod dogs through the snow.

Picture of Sarah Burgess

Sarah Burgess


This one time I...fell asleep at a Phillies game and made it on to the Jumbotron...while asleep.

What we've been up to

Q: How is Pg's team different from other Legal & Compliance teams?

A: Our team takes a genuinely cross-functional approach to our work with each of the departments at Policygenius. We serve as true partners to the business, collaborating on projects end-to-end. It’s rewarding to see the immediate impact our work has on the organization.